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If you're looking for details on Eurostar check-in, you've come to the right place. From gate information to check-in times, find out all you need to know before you step onboard your Eurostar train.

How long is Eurostar check-in?

The check-in procedure for Eurostar train journeys take roughly 20 minutes from start to finish, so it is recommended that you arrive 45 minutes before your Eurostar train leaves. The Eurostar check-in routine is the same at each Eurostar station across Europe. They also follow a similar pattern to what you might see at an airport. Travelling with Eurostar is easy, and that applies to their check-in system too. 

How does Eurostar check-in work?

Eurostar check-in is a simple procedure that is necessary for the safety of all the passengers onboard. After moving through the ticket gates, you join a baggage check line, identical to what you see in an airport terminal. The only difference on the baggage check between Eurostar and airline check-in is that there is no limit on the size of a liquid container for Eurostar. This means you can carry as much liquid onboard a Eurostar train as you like. After this, you enter a line for a passport check. For EU passengers, there are also electronic gates, should you hold an e-passport. We recommend using these as it speeds up check-in not only for yourself but for those who must wait to see a customs officer.

Depending on the time of travel, this can take as little as 15 minutes or up to 30 minutes at peak times, so please allow plenty of time before your train is going to depart. If you are in Business Premier, you must check-in 10 minutes before departure, due to having an express line through Eurostar check-in.

Eurostar train

Where are the Eurostar check-in gates?

The Eurostar check-in gates in each station are clearly signposted, and very visible from the main concourse of the station. At London St Pancras International, the Eurostar check-in gates can be found in the middle of the station, on the main concourse. It’s clearly signposted and there are many help desks to help you in case you are lost.

At Paris Gare du Nord, the Eurostar check-in gates can be found on the second floor of the station, which is easily reached from the front of the station. At Marne-la-Vallée—Chessy, the Eurostar station for Disneyland Paris, there is no passport control, you will, however, be required to go through passport control once you arrive back in the UK.

Eurostar check-in at Brussels-Midi station is very easy to find and is located next to platform 5 on the very wide and easy to use platform concourse. You are required to check-in here for both services leaving Brussels, and if you are connecting from Amsterdam, as there is currently no direct Eurostar service from Amsterdam to London.

When does Eurostar check-in close?

Eurostar check-in

Eurostar check-in for Standard class and Standard Premier classes close 30 minutes before your Eurostar train leaves. For those travelling in Business Premier, check-in closes 10 minutes before departure.

Is there a baggage allowance for Eurostar trains?

Eurostar luggage

There is no maximum weight for baggage on Eurostar trains. There is, however, a limit to two pieces of large luggage (no bigger than 85cm) and one piece of hand luggage.

When does Eurostar check-in open?

Eurostar Departures

Eurostar check-in opens 1 hour and 15 minutes before departures. We recommend that you should arrive 40 minutes before departure so you can get through security.

How long does Eurostar check-in take?

Eurostar check-in time

Eurostar check-in times depend purely on when you decide to travel, during early mornings and weekend's, this can see queues and check-in times take up to 40 minutes, whereas during the week, it could be much less. Still, leave yourself plenty of time so that you can avoid missing your train and getting rushed through the process.

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