The Danske Statsbaner (DSB), or Danish State Railways, is the most important passenger transport company in Denmark. It was founded in 1885 and bought up the important existing routes of the Danish king. Already in 1974, a IC timetable was introduced nationwide. But due to the partial island situation, there are always delays, which will be gradually reduced only once the new bridges are built and the extensive modernization of the network is completed. In 2003, DSB ceded part of the regional train network in West and Central Jutland to Arriva.

Train types of the DSB

There are nine different types of trains in Denmark, five of them operated by the Danish State Railways.

Eurocity - International express train on two railway lines. One connects Copenhagen with Hamburg via the Vogelfluglinie and ferry Rodby - Puttgarden. The second connects Aarhus with Hamburg via Padborg and Flensburg. The first class and second class cars are air conditioned but are not accessible for wheelchairs. These trains also do not offer bike transport. From July to September there is a mandatory seat reservation.

Intercity - Denmark's most important long-distance train with hourly connections from Copenhagen to cities such as Aarhus, Aalborg and Flensburg or Esbjerg and Fredericia. They are similar to the Eurocity trains, but also have power outlets, Wi-Fi, disabled access and bike transport. On longer routes, especially during peak times, a seat reservation is appropriate but not mandatory.

IntercityLyn - important long-distance trains in Denmark, with similar facilities and connections to those of the intercity trains, but make fewer stops. Since the trains from Copenhagen can consist of several parts, which are separated on the way and drive to different final destinations, care must be taken that the passengers sit in the right train parts. A seat reservation is not compulsory, but is worthwhile during peak hours on longer routes.

Regionaltog - Regional train used on all Danish routes. The trains are slow and stop at all stations. A reservation is not possible. This train type consists of three different series.

- The MF series is also used as IntercityLyn and Intercity and offers air conditioning, low floor and handicapped accessible equipment as well as a 1st and 2nd class with sockets.

- ME series with double deck cars, air conditioning, low floor and handicapped accessible equipment as well as 1st and 2nd class. These commuter trains run from Copenhagen to Holbaek, Kalundborg, Naestevd, Nykobing F and Rodby.

- Type MQ is used for the regional train connection from Odense to Svendborg and has air conditioning, low floor and handicapped accessible equipment, offers bicycle transport and has only a 2nd class.

S-tog - S-Bahn train from Copenhagen, which runs on a ring line around the city center and also serves the various parts of the city and suburbs. The trains consist of four or eight 2nd class cars, have air conditioning, Wi-Fi, walk-in access, disabled facilities and bike transport.

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