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Trains to Wiltshire

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Visiting Wiltshire

Located just an hour to the west of London by train, Wiltshire is a large English county known for its sleepy towns, sweeping countryside and the ancient monument of Stonehenge. The two most prominent stations in the country are Salisbury and Swindon which are well-connected to the capital. Alight at the charming Salisbury railway station with its pleasing industrial facade to explore the iconic cathedral and the iron age fort of Old Sarum. While those who journey to Swindon station will be rewarded with delights such as the historic Lydiard Park House.

If you are taking trains to Wiltshire to catch a glimpse of the majestic Stonehenge basking in the dawn light, then you first need to take a train to either Salisbury or Andover from Waterloo Station. Travel by train from Waterloo to Wiltshire in 1 hour and 22 minutes before continuing your trip with either a taxi from the station or by joining an organised tour from the city. Wiltshire is also peppered with numerous small villages packed with country pubs and tea rooms where you can enjoy a taste of the British way of life.

Things to do in Wiltshire

  1. Salisbury: This magnificent cathedral city has a station on the line between Exeter and London. In addition to the cathedral, there is a range of attractions to explore including the Old Sarum fort and the Bulford Kiwi, a massive chalk carving.
  2. Stonehenge: The world's most famous Druid monument, Stonehenge, is located in the Wilshire countryside. Andover and Salisbury are the closest stations, from where you can hire a taxi to this legendary landmark. Stonehenge is part of a larger World Heritage Site with many other relics to explore on your visit.
  3. Chippenham: Chippenham Station is the rail gateway to Wiltshire's third-largest town which is known for the numerous ancient villages nearby.
  4. Pewsey: Pewsey Railway Station serves this charming Wilshire village. While you are here, climb one of the surrounding hills to catch a glimpse of the chalk horse carved into the hillside.
  5. Swindon: Trains on the London-Bristol line call at Swindon station and upon arrival, you can enjoy sights such as the Swindon Art Gallery and the Great Western Railway Museum.

Trains from London to Wiltshire

There are several options for travelling by train to Wiltshire from London. Depending on your final destination in Wiltshire, you will either depart from London's Waterloo or Paddington Station. For those heading to Salisbury, your journey begins at Waterloo Station on the South Bank of the River Thames in central London. Waterloo is connected to the London Underground (Northern Line) and also to many additional mainline services. During the week, 2 trains per hour connect Waterloo and Salisbury with a journey time of 1 hour and 22 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on the service.

Passengers heading for Swindon depart from London Paddington, located to the west of central London. Paddington Station is served by the Bakerloo, Circle and District tube lines in addition to being a major national terminal. There are between 4 and 5 trains travelling from Paddington to Swindon. The quickest journey time is 57 minutes and the slowest being fractionally longer at 1 hour and 1 minute. All services to Wiltshire from London are direct are no changes are required.

Train stations in Wiltshire

  • Avoncliff: Small station located in the Hamlet of Avoncliffe.
  • Bedwyn: Train station serving Great Bedwyn and 100km from Paddington.
  • Bradford on Avon: Charming station with two platforms on the Wessex Main Line.
  • Chippenham: Chippenham is a small station located between Bath and Swindon, served by Great Western Railway.
  • Dean: Small station in Wilshire serving the eponymous village of West Dean.
  • Dilton Marsh: Known as the least used station in the county, Dilton Marsh Station serves the village of the same name.
  • Melksham: Train station located 160km from Paddington in London.
  • Pewsey: Quaint train station situated in the small Wilshire village of Pewsey.
  • Salisbury: Wiltshire's largest train station with regular trains to London.
  • Swindon: Train station serving the city of Swindon with 4 platforms.
  • Tisbury: Train station which opened in 1959 serving the village of Tisbury.
  • Trowbridge: Small 2-platform station located 38km to the east of Bristol.
  • Warminster: Station serving Warminster which opened in 1851.
  • Westbury: Station which opened in 1848 with 3 operational platforms.