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Our Commitment to Gender Balance

At Trainline, we are committed to equal pay: the payment given to men and women doing the same job at the same level.  The difference between the average pay of men and women working at Trainline remains less than 1%.

During the past year, we have continued to focus on recruiting more women into Trainline and addressing a gender imbalance that exists in our company, like many other tech businesses. This is a focus particularly in our technology specialist teams that make up half our people.  Our progress includes:

  • The majority of our hiring managers have taken training on how to recognise and avoid unconscious bias.
  • Making it mandatory that female candidates are interviewed for senior management and leadership roles, with a minimum of one female on each shortlist.
  • We now review our plan to reduce our gender pay gap on a quarterly basis and our hiring plans monthly, at executive level.
  • In all company-wide forums or communication, we continue to focus on championing and giving a voice to diverse groups and individuals, ensuring women have a voice alongside their male colleagues and there are visible female role models at every level.
  • We have launched our learning and development programme (Know How You Grow) to help junior women and men at Trainline thrive and progress to more senior roles with the organisation.
  • Ongoing focus on our mentoring programme which gives every mid and senior level woman and man the opportunity to partner with an executive team mentor who can advise, champion and support them in their roles and career.

A continued shortage of women in tech – as well as in the rail and coach industries - can limit the number of female candidates applying for open roles, particularly senior and leadership positions.   However, more than a third (34%) of our people were women in April 2019 and this figure continues to rise; and we have managed to reduce our gender pay gap from 22% in April 2018 to 20% in April 2019.*

In 2019/2020, tackling gender imbalance at Trainline continues to be a priority for us, and we will continue to support wider change in the tech industry.

In 2019, we completed our second year of partnership with Code First: Girls, a UK-based social enterprise focussed on building diversity and skills in the tech sector, which aims to get 20,000 young women in the UK coding, for free, by 2020 as part of their 20:20 campaign. We also continued our partnership with Future Frontiers, a charity that equips students from disadvantaged backgrounds with the information and mindset to achieve their career aspirations, pairing 224 secondary school students with Trainline employees in our London and Edinburgh offices.

*The difference between the average mean hourly pay of women and the average mean hourly pay of men at Trainline