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Our brand

Our logo is the most vital and visible element of our brand identity. It is bold and friendly — just like our services. It is more than just a marque, it’s a universal signature across all our communications. While it is a simple logo, we must always treat it nicely. The following page covers the correct usage to ensure the logo always looks its best.

Main logo

Primary logo
Our logo always comes with a tagline in either english, french or italian.
Download below

Secondary logo
When the primary logo is less than 40px high, the tagline could become hard to read. In that case, use the secondary logo without tagline.


In body text
The word 'predictable' is written with a lowercase 'p' when (1) it's in the french tagline or (2) it's part of a full sentenceThe word Trainline is always written with a capital 'T'. (3) 


Wonderfully Predictable.
Merveilleusement prévisible. (1)

Meravigliosamente Prevedibile.

For a wonderfully predictable (2) journey, download the Trainline (3) app.  

Other logo types

Trainline for Business

For our business product, we use a different tagline. There is a version for light and dark backgrounds.

Trainline symbol

Use the symbol only when space is very limited or when even the secondary logo is not legible anymore i.e. as a Favicon.

Never use just the 'T' by itself
and only use the colour mint.


Trainline app icon

Use only on phone mockups /
 app store.



Placing the logo

The logo should always appear in either Trainline mint or white.
Contrast is important — use a white logo on photographic or dark backgrounds and a Trainline mint on light backgrounds.
If you don't have enough contrast when placing the logo, we suggest applying a 15% or 30% Trainline navy tint to the entire background image to maintain legibility of the logo.



To ensure the integrity and legibility of the logo, it’s important to protect the surrounding area from other graphic elements. 

Logo clear space
The rule is to use the length of the letter “t”, designated x, as a clear space for the wordmark. 

Symbol clear space
The rule is to use the length of cross bar of the letter “t”, designated y, as a clear space for the symbol.




There may be some instances where you need to position the logo alongside other partner logos. In such scenarios, the following rules should be considered.
- When partner logos are longer and more text-based, we prefer them to be at the same height as the logo.

- The clear space between the two logos should be the length of the 't' letter of the logo.






Dos and don'ts 


Don’t rotate, distort, stretch or skew the logo in any way. Respect and retain the logo's aspect ratio.


 Don’t modify the logo in any way, such as adding effects or changing the design.


 Don’t place our logo on poor contrasting backgrounds.


Don’t highlight one letter / element or add an extra colour to it.


 Don’t outline the logo or the tagline.


 Don’t place another element that invades the logo’s protected area.






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