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Nearest train station to Housesteads Roman Fort

Trains to Housesteads Roman Fort

To get to Housesteads Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall, take the train to Hexham, 11 miles east or Haltwhistle, seven miles west of the site, then you’re best to arrange a taxi to collect you and take you the rest of the way. From the rest of the country, your best bet is to head for Newcastle or Carlisle and make the change to local services from there.

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About Housesteads Roman Fort

Vervovicium, now known as Housesteads Roman Fort, was built as one of 16 permanent fortifications along Hadrian’s Wall. The Fort was built in stone in AD 124, soon after the construction of the wall itself, and is the most complete surviving example of a Roman Fort in Britain.


‘Vervovicium’ means ‘the place of the effective fighters’, and the garrisons stationed here from the second to the fourth centuries would have felt confident in their position, commanding as it does a superb view of the surrounding country. Some 800 troops were billeted here, and their fort was complemented by a settlement of civilians and traders outside the walls. As well as the barracks block, the fort boasted a headquarters, a hospital, granaries and storehouses and even communal toilets.


The Homesteads Museum brings to life the world of the Roman legionary, stationed here at the end of the world, with a fascinating collection of weapons and tools, altars and dedication stones, even a spectacular statue of the winged goddess Victory. Audio-visual resources bring the ruined buildings back to life, and younger visitors can meet Felix, who will act as their very own guide.

Housesteads Roman Fort


Bardon Mill
NE47 6NW

01434 344363

Opening times

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 to 17:00

Winter opening times vary.

Check the website for details.

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