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With regular high speed services between Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Paris and fifteen other major cities, Thalys can get you there faster.

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  • Business lounges

*This Service is provided by 21Net and activated by Nokia Siemens Networks and Telenet, depending on technical availability of the service

With flexible Eurostar connections from UK destinations, it's the perfect onward service whether you're travelling on business or leisure


Thalys high speed connections in Europe

Thalys high speed connections in Europe

Connect with Europe - our top destinations



  • London to Brussels:1hr 51 mins
  • Manchester to Brussels: 5hrs 20 mins
  • Birmingham to Brussels:4hrs 2 mins
Belgian Tourist Office - Brussels Wallonia logo

Truly European in character, Brussels offers all the Belgian specialities from beer to waffles, as well as a rich heritage, great shopping, famous spas and fantastic restaurants.

Know as the capital of comic strips, Brussels is also unique for its mix of modern buildings and Art Nouveau style home.

Brussels is a city for walking, with 19 districts depicting many different faces of the capital. Ixelles is famous for its nightlife, where Saint-Gilles, particularly the Maison Horta, is popular with those who are interested in Art Nouveau.



  • Brussels to Amsterdam:1hr 53 mins

The capital is home to no fewer than 50 museums, among the diverse cultural attractions in Amsterdam, Anne Frank's house and the Van Gogh museum give a glimpse of the historical and artistic riches of the city.

Vondel Park and the canals make up the backdrop of the city, ideal for family picnics and romantic strolls. A visit to the flower market, the most famous in the world, near Muntplein is a must see.

On bike or by foot, a stop at one of the city's numerous squares is a great way to get a feeling for the vibrancy of daily life in Amsterdam.
Or enjoy panoramic views of the city from the bell tower located in the heart of Jordaan.



  • Brussels to Cologne:1h 47 mins

All roads in Cologne lead to its two-towered cathedral which reaches 157 metres into the sky and is visible from almost everywhere in the city. Construction took 632 years to finish, and it is one of the most celebrated architectural monuments in Germany today.

Cologne is distinguished from other German cities because of the 12 Roman churches found within its medieval walls.
From Gross St. Martin in the heart of the old town, to Ste. Maria, the largest of the Roman churches, built over the foundations of a Roman temple.

Cologne wouldn't have its reputation if it weren't for the Rhine and the numerous romantic walks you can take along its banks.
While in the neighbourhood, take the opportunity to visit the irresistible chocolate museum situated on the river banks.