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Trains to Lichfield

Many a great mind has walked the city streets of Lichfield, from Erasmus Darwin to the legendary writer and wit Samuel Johnson. Today, those same streets are lined with historical reminders of days gone by, alongside modern shopping lanes and glamourous marinas, while the 800-year-old Lichfield Cathedral looks on, connecting the past to the present.  Whether your visit takes you to the heritage heartland or the sprawling heaths, the unspoilt beauty of Lichfield will stay with you forever.

Popular train routes to Lichfield

London to Lichfield
Liverpool to Lichfield
Manchester to Lichfield
Watford to Lichfield
Brighton to Lichfield
Birmingham to Lichfield
Shenstone to Lichfield
Redditch to Lichfield

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Visiting Lichfield

Getting off the train at Lichfield can feel like stepping back in time, as the medieval cathedral spires dominate the skyline and hundreds of listed Georgian buildings line the city's winding streets. On a walk from the station up to the city cathedral, there really is history around every turn.

The city is known for its great thinkers, most notably Samuel Johnson and Erasmus Darwin, grandfather to the late, great Charles. Darwin's house, just ten minutes north of the station, is home to a range of exhibitions and displays charting the life of the philosopher, inventor and poet. Johnson, too, is immortalised in the city, the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum celebrating the life of Lichfield's favourite son well worth a visit for any lover of language.

With your cultural appetite suitably sated, take the short trip into the city centre and get lost in a world of shopping unlike anywhere else. Lichfield's medieval streets are lined with an abundance of old-timey boutiques and bazaars offering up everything you could possibly need, from antiques and antiquarian booksellers to jewellers, delicatessens and record shops. For a more modern retail experience, the Three Spires Shopping Centre - a five minute walk from the station - is packed with high-street favourites.

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