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BritRail Pass

What is a BritRail Pass?

Buying a BritRail Pass to travel across Britain by train is a fantastic way to see the different and diverse cities and towns of the UK, on one connected rail service. Trains in the UK take you through some fantastic scenery; whether it be in Scotland to visit the Highlands, soaring up the north-east coast, or taking in the stunning views of the Cornwall countryside, there are plenty of things to see using a BritRail Pass.

Using your pass, it makes train travel in the UK easy and you can visit plenty of attractions across Great Britain. Whether you want to visit London and see Buckingham Palace or take a trip to Edinburgh and take in the views from the castle.

For more information on what BritRail Pass is right for you, journey times, station information and what you can do with your BritRail ticket, find out below.

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How much does a BritRail Pass cost?

BritRail Passes start at £116 for a 3 day pass, and go up to £455 for a monthly pass. There are six different passes available to suit the period of time you plan to travel around the UK by train. 

Using the table provided, you can budget for how long you want to travel by train across the UK, and get the most out of BritRail Pass.

Type Adult Price
3 Days Pass £116
4 Days Pass £144
8 Days Pass £208
15 Days Pass £309
22 Days Pass £386
1 Month Pass £455

*Prices are correct as of 10th January 2018 and are subject to change without notice. All post-sale care and communications will be with the third party booking company.

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How does a BritRail pass work?

Using a BritRail Pass is just like using a normal train ticket in the UK. The pass is printed on train ticket paper and is used in the same way, simply present it at the ticket barrier, scan the ticket, and head straight for the train. BritRail has also introduced the M-Pass, a mobile ticket option for all Brit Rail Passes in England, making it even easier for you to travel, without the hassle of remembering where you put your train ticket! While currently only an option for the Consecutive Pass, more versions will be available soon.

The rail passes do not just cover standard class either. Although some train companies only provide one class of travel, there are some, especially over longer distances, that offer a first class service. If you want to travel in a bit more luxury, first class BritRail passes are available to buy. One recommendation to explore after purchasing your rail pass is seat reservations.

While spontaneous trips on any travel day are fun and a great way to explore Britain, reserving a seat is ideal if you are travelling between major cities, or during peak hours. If you want a reservation, then you can book online up to a year in advance, and will come at a nominal fee to secure the seat.

How to use a BritRail Pass

Using you BritRail Pass does depend on what type you have and where you are, but the process of using it is the same. It really couldn’t be easier to board trains using your rail pass either, as the ticket works just like a normal ticket would. Once you’ve boarded your train, you may need to present it again on the train should a ticket inspector conducts a check.

If you are using your BritRail Pass in London, you cannot use your rail pass on the London Underground or Overground, so you must make sure you have a valid ticket or Oyster card to travel around London via the tube.

Make sure to check the travel restrictions that can come with each pass, as you will likely have to pay the difference should you travel outside of your zone or board the wrong train. Don’t be offended if you are asked to show some ID with your pass. This is just to ensure the BritRail Pass is only being used by non-UK residents.

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Where can I use my BritRail Pass?

There are few restrictions on what kind of trains you can’t use with your BritRail Pass. If you are travelling inside England, your pass also covers the Airport Express trains that take you to and from central London (this excludes the North England Rover). So as soon as you land at Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick Airport, you can start using your rail pass straight away, giving you quick and easy access to the capital to see all the famous landmarks.

It’s not just on trains that you can get great discounts. The BritRail Passes also give you access to the 2 for 1 offers that are typically found with most discounted railcards in the UK too. These 2 for 1 offers gives you a chance to visit some great attractions across the UK, not just in London. So if you have a free day during your trip and want to explore some local sights and attractions, check out what’s nearby and you’ll be taking in new sights in no time!


Along with the Underground and Overground services, there are some other restrictions on a BritRail Pass. These include trips on the Eurostar into France and beyond and journeys between regional passes. If you do have a regional pass and decide to travel outside of those borders, then you can either buy a separate ticket for that journey at the train station or pay the difference while onboard the train.

BritRail Pass Discounts

Depending on when or with whom you decide to travel with, there are a number of discounts you can be eligible to make your rail pass cheaper. While the low season saver is a popular choice for those who want to visit the UK over Christmas, there are some others that are particularly useful if you are travelling in groups.

Family Discount: Travelling with a child under 5? Well, they travel free on any British Rail train in. If you have a child between 5-15, they can also travel free when with a BritRail pass holder. For any additional children after that, you receive a 50% discount on their ticket.

Saver Discount: Groups between 3 and 9 can save up to 20% on regular prices when travelling together.

Senior Discount: Those who are 60 years and older receive a 15% discount.

Youth Railcard: Travellers aged from 16-25 are eligible for a 20% reduction in their pass fare.

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