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The Beginning of BusyBot


Meet the new bot on the block

In the beginning there was a weary traveller who could not find a seat… but now thanks to crowdsourcing, Trainline can start the process of helping you to locate the part-full carriages and trains on a chosen journey, making it easier to find a bit of space to park yourself. It’s early days, but we can proudly unveil BusyBot.

How does BusyBot work?

When a passenger takes a journey, and uses the ‘live tracker’ in Trainline’s app, BusyBot pops up to ask about their travel experience. If they want to, users tell BusyBot how busy their train is. This crowd-sourced information is vital for BusyBot to get smart.


Pretty soon we expect BusyBot will be able to start predicting the busyness of each train on a journey. Enabling you to plan your train travel around your comfort, and not just the time and ticket price – for the first time. BusyBot can only get smarter with your help; the more we feed it, the smarter it gets, and it’s all thanks to our amazing app users, like you!

Not an app user yet? Get the app here.

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