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BusyBot from Trainline

Trainline BusyBot

BusyBot is here, but what is it?

Being comfortable is an important part of enjoying yourself, a noisy neighbour or a cold air con can get you down. At Trainline we know the feeling, and we want to make it better. That’s why we’re proud to present BusyBot, our new feature to help you find the best spot on the train.

BusyBot from Trainline, helps you to locate train carriages most likely to have empty seats and more space, so that you can travel more comfortably.

How do I use BusyBot?


To find BusyBot visit the Journey tracker (in your app) and you’ll see highlights on the least busy zones of the train – front, back or middle. If you spot a question mark it’s because BusyBot relies on crowd-sourced data, complete the 2 question survey on that leg of the journey to help us get a clear view of how busy the train is.

If you do find a more preferable seat using BusyBot make sure to check that there isn’t a reservation for the journey leg you’ll be sat there.

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