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Be A Train Travel Ninja With Your Mobile Phone


We’ll be honest with you, we think mobile train tickets are amazing. Whether you’re a seasoned commuter, business networker or a casual ‘I travel by train for fun times’ sort of person, here are 7 reasons why mobile tickets are amazing and why you should start using them today!

1. So Many Tickets. So Little Time:

“Why do I need so many tickets to go and see my Gran? Receipt, seat reservation, ticket out, ticket back…aggghhh!”. You don’t, honest. With a mobile ticket all you need is your smart phone (and the jumper Granny bought you last Christmas).

2. Happy Environmental Warriors:

No more paper tickets means that our photosynthesising friends can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Show trees the love they deserve.

3. Ticket Machine Roulette:

You see the queue from the station entrance….you make your way closer to the ticket machine… you realise your biggest decision of the day is about to be made; which line is moving fastest? Rest assured 9 times out of 10 you will choose the slowest and a sprint to the train door beckons. Le sigh…

4. Pocket Draw:

You’re set and you’re on the train when Mr. Ticketmaster asks to see your ticket, but they’re nowhere to be found. In your moment of appraisal you work up a sweat, desperate to find the ticket as the whole carriage looks on in astonishment/disgust between CandyCrush games. No matter how many pockets you tap, nor the fact you had it in hand 10 minute ago, you can’t find it. It’s nothing personal, just paper tickets being paper tickets.

5. Time To Leave:

Even the connoisseurs of the commuting world will know what a gamble it is to know the amount of time it will take to get to the station. With so many potential delays that could happen along the way, the wise traveller leaves with plenty of time in advance uses a mobile ticket. 10 minutes less at the station means 10 more minutes in bed remember.

6. Neck Ache:

Inevitably we have become accustomed to leaving with plenty of time to spare, leading to the prospect of staring gormlessly at the departures board waiting for that all important platform number. Ouch. The wait continues…

7. Platform Stampede:

Departure platform is announced… Run! However excitement is short lived as you notice the mobile ticket holders have already taken their seats. Mobile ticket on App = platform number alerts on phone. 1-0 to the mobile ticketer.


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