Take the train from France to Italy and you'll have good reason to wonder why anybody would ever choose to fly between these European neighbours. Since they usually pick you up and leave you right in the city centre, trains mean much less hassle than flying or finding your way around in a hire car. And best of all – thanks to fantastic train networks in both countries, taking the train from France to Italy can help you get to places a little off the beaten track.

How to reach Italy by train from France

There are a few possible routes from France to Italy by train. The shortest, easiest route is over the border between the French and Italian Rivieras, while high-speed Frecciarossa trains operated by Trenitalia run on the route from Paris to Milan in less than 6 hours. So, figuring out how to reach Italy by train from France depends largely on you – where you're coming from, where you'd like to go, how you'd like to travel and how much time you have.

Luckily, we're here to make it easy to plan your trip. Have a look at our dedicated pages on trains in France and trains in Italy to find more about how to travel by train in each country. You'll find information on ticket options, online bookings, discounts, maps, and tips on popular routes and places to visit. We're your one-stop shop for finding out how to reach Italy by train from France.

But flying is so cheap?

Yes, it is. Until you add in the ground transport to and from the airport at each end. And the over-priced sandwich and coffee at the airport. And the time wasted queuing at check-in, security, boarding gates, and baggage claim. By comparison, although the actual duration of train journeys between cities can be longer than flying, the time at either end is much shorter. All you need is a ticket (most of the times you can simply show it on your mobile device), a general sense of direction to find the train station (usually a landmark in the middle of town), and off you go.

Trains are particularly preferable in France and Italy where, thanks to SNCF and Trenitalia, the respective national railway operators, you can depart from and reach almost anywhere, because even the most picturesque old villages usually have an equally picturesque train station. That means you're not tied to big cities and international airports. Instead, enjoy some of the quieter corners as you explore the smaller cities and towns of La Bella Italia.

From Paris to Italy by train

You can reach Italy by train directly from Paris in under 6 hours. This is thanks to Trenitalia's high-speed Frecciarossa trains that run 2 direct round trips a day between Paris Gare de Lyon and Milan Centrale, passing through Lyon and Turin along the way. Onboard you'll find comfortable seating, free WiFi, power sockets and a scheduled food delivery service through the EASY BISTRO option.

Once you arrive into Milan, known across the world as the centre of Italian fashion, you'll be able to start exploring straight away. As the home of incredible historical sites and priceless artworks, there's also a lot more beneath the surface – think cavernous jazz clubs, a network of underground bomb shelters, and a gritty street-art scene.

From the French Riviera to Italy by train

Looking to pop over to Italy while on the French Riviera? We wouldn't blame you. The stretch of Ligurian coastline from the French Cote d'Azur to Pisa is one of the most beautiful you'll find in Italy. That means not only great beaches and charming seaside villages, but also incredibly fresh seafood, rich local history, and some of the most breathtaking train-window views you can imagine. Best of all is that the French and Italian Rivieras are extremely well connected by rail.

The train route linking Marseille with Genoa stops at a huge number of pretty seaside towns such as Antibes, as well as glitzy cities like Nice, Cannes, and Monaco (well, more of a country than a city but, you know). If you're just looking for a quick taste of la dolce vita, then the quaint and colourful Ligurian town of Ventimiglia is just over the border, less than an hour by train from Nice. Or head to one of the many beautiful beaches around San Remo, just 30 minutes further on. If you feel like digging deeper, it's only 5 hours from the French Riviera to the Cinque Terre on the train from Nice to Monterosso.

From Lyon to Italy by train

Heading into (and under) the mountains, the train ride from Lyon to Italy can be pretty rewarding. It takes just under 4 hours to get from Lyon to Turin by direct train. Despite being the home of the Italian royal family and set against a stunning mountain backdrop, Turin is somehow still something of a hidden gem. That's probably because most travellers skim over it en route to Milan – something we strongly advise against. For car lovers, Turin is an absolute must. It's the home of Fiat and the National Automobile Museum of Italy.

For food lovers wanting to get a taste of la cucina italiana, Lyon is a great place to start. By train from Lyon, you can reach Genoa, Italy's most important port city and the place where every Italian agrees the best focaccia comes from, in as little as 6h 53m. Bologna, the home of fresh pasta, is only 6h 51m away. As the capital of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna is also the perfect base for taking the train to Modena (home of balsamic vinegar), 20 minutes away, and Parma (home of Parmesan cheese and Italy's best prosciutto), 45 minutes away.

Hungry? Thought so. If your taste buds or itchy feet are tingling, you can find out more about how to book trains from France to Italy (or just go ahead and do it) with our Journey Planner.