Although Venice is known for its beautiful scenery, magnificent architecture and rich history, you can also enjoy some retail therapy during your trip! Whether you’re planning on treating yourself to a luxury designer piece or want to pick up some unique souvenirs, our guide to shopping in Venice caters for every budget.

Discover the best neighbourhoods to shop in Venice, including the most popular shopping streets, authentic local markets, independent boutiques and artisan workshops.

What’s in this guide?

The best places to shop in Venice

The best places to shop in Venice will depend on your budget and what you’re looking for. Find high-end Italian and international fashion on Salizada San Moisè and Calle Larga XXII Marzo, or explore Le Mercerie for high-street shopping.

Hoping to pick up a souvenir from your trip? Browse the independent boutiques in the San Samuele neighbourhood selling jewellery, art, textiles and more. Then head to a market, where you can find everything from fresh, local produce to antiques. Our guide to the best markets in Venice has more tips on the city’s top locations.

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Le Mercerie

Le Mercerie (or Marzarie in Venetian dialect) is the main shopping area in Venice, centrally located between Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square. Here you’ll find streets lined with shops and stalls selling souvenirs, clothing, jewellery and art.

About the area

Since medieval times, Le Mercerie has been a vibrant commercial hub in Venice. The Marzieri, who the area is named after, were one of the oldest arts guilds in the city, dating back to the 10th century.

During the 16th century, these streets were packed with merchants selling fabrics like silk and leather alongside imported products, as Venice was a major trade centre.

Le Mercerie links the commercial centre of Rialto to the political centre of San Marco, making it a busy area for pedestrian traffic. It’s still a popular route for tourists walking between the two districts.

Le Mercerie highlights

Explore these streets to discover some of the best shops in Le Mercerie:

  • Marzarieta Due Aprile
  • Marzaria San Salvador
  • Marzarie del Capitello
  • Marzaria San Zulian
  • Marzaria de l’Orologio

While there are plenty of independent shops and stalls selling unique pieces, you’ll also find Italian high street shops and popular international brands here, including:

  • Calzedonia
  • Furla
  • Max Mara
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Bata
  • Pandora
  • United Colors of Benetton
  • Swarovski
  • Champion

Opening hours: Most shops are open from 10:00 to 19:00, but some open later. Check specific opening hours online, as they may vary throughout the year.

Nearest train station: Venezia Santa Lucia station is a 25-minute walk away. Take the number 2 vaporetto (waterbus) from Ferrovia B outside the station to Rialto, a 10-minute journey.

Salizada San Moisè

If you’re planning on making a luxury purchase whilst in Venice, Salizada San Moisè is the street for you. Located just off St. Mark’s Square, this is the designer fashion hub of Venice.

About the area

This street leads from St. Mark’s Square to the Church of San Moisè, linking two ancient religious sites in Venice. San Moisè is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Moses, as the Venetians canonized many Old Testament prophets as saints.

First built in the 8th century, the façade of San Moisè was redesigned in 1668 in the Baroque style, featuring numerous sculptures and elaborate relief work. Inside, you can see famous Venetian artworks from the 16th and 17th centuries, by Tintoretto, Palma il Giovane and Niccolò Roccatagliata.

Salizada San Moisè highlights

On Salizada San Moisè, you’ll find Italian designer boutiques and international fashion houses, including:

  • Fendi
  • Chanel
  • Hermès
  • Dior
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Cartier
  • Miu Miu
  • Prada
  • Versace

Opening hours: Most shops are open from 10:00 to 19:00, but some open later. If you’re heading to a particular store, check their opening hours online before you go.

Nearest train station: From Venezia Santa Lucia station, take the number 2 vaporetto at Ferrovia B to Rialto, a 10-minute journey. Walk 8 minutes from the Rialto stop to Salizada San Moisè.

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San Samuele

San Samuele is the place to go if you’re looking for unique treasures. Discover artisan workshops and independent stores selling homeware, glassware, art, textiles and more in the San Marco neighbourhood.

About the area

San Samuele is home to some great shops, but there’s also plenty of history and culture in this area. The 11th century Church of San Samuele is located in a small campo (square) facing the Grand Canal. Its impressive bell tower is visible from across the water.

The church is named after the Biblical Samuel, canonized by Venetians like many other Old Testament prophets. It houses his relics, a 14th-century crucifix by Paolo Veneziano and early Venetian Renaissance frescoes.

Two palaces border the campo on the Grand Canal: the 17th century Grassi Palace, home to the contemporary art collection of François Pinault, and the 11th-century Malipiero Palace, known for its gardens overlooking the water.

San Samuele highlights

Salizada San Samuele is the street to head for to find the best shops in the area. Here you’ll find:

  • Chiarastella Cattana
  • Caigo da Mar
  • Palwer
  • Ødd
  • Ottica Manuela
  • Alimentari de Rossi Paolo

Opening hours: Most shops in San Samuele open around 10:00 until 19:00, but this varies. Visiting a specific store? Check their opening hours online before you go.

Nearest train station: From Venezia Santa Lucia station, walk 15 minutes to San Tomà vaporetto stop. Take the 2-minute boat journey across the water to Sant’Angelo. Salizada San Samuele is a 2-minute walk from here.

Calle Larga XXII Marzo

After strolling along the Salizada San Moisè, cross the bridge in front of the church, and you’ll be greeted with even more luxury shopping, including renowned Italian designers and international labels.

About the area

The name of this street refers to an important date in Venice’s history: 22nd March 1848. On this day, the Venetian people revolted against the Austrian occupation, protesting their financial and economic exploitation of the region. 

Daniele Manin led the Risorgimento in Venice, establishing the independent republic of San Marco. However, the revolution only lasted a year, with the Austrians reassuming control in 1849.

In 1881, ten years after the unification of Italy, this street was widened and renamed to commemorate these events.

Calle Larga XXII Marzo highlights

Some of the best boutiques to visit on Calle Larga XXII Marzo include:

  • Moncler
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Gucci
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Tod’s
  • Burberry

Opening hours: Most shops on this street are open from 10:00 to 19:00, but this may vary. Before you go, check specific opening hours online to avoid disappointment.

Nearest train station: Arriving at Venezia Santa Lucia station? Take the number 2 vaporetto at Ferrovia B to Rialto, a 10-minute journey. Then walk 10 minutes to Calle Larga XXII Marzo.

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Getting around Venice

Venice’s city centre comprises hundreds of tiny islands surrounded by waterways. The best way to get around is on foot or by vaporetto (waterbus).

Venezia Santa Lucia is the only train station in Venice, with regular services arriving from Italy. From the station, you can walk to the Santa Croce and Cannaregio sestiere (districts) in 5 minutes, whilst Dorsoduro is an 18-minute walk.

The fastest way to reach the main attractions in San Marco from the station is walking 15 minutes to San Tomà, then crossing the Grand Canal on the number 1 vaporetto. Walk 8 minutes from the Sant’Angelo stop to reach the heart of this neighbourhood.

Alternatively, you can walk directly to San Marco via Rialto Bridge in 29 minutes and see more of this beautiful city.

Visiting Venice for a day of shopping and sightseeing? Plan your journey to find out which vaporetto stop is nearest to your destination.

Travelling by train to Venice?

If you're planning to visit Venice, why not travel by train? Travelling to Venice by train is easy due to the high-speed rail connections operated by Trenitalia and Italo. You can travel to Venice from some of the most popular locations in Italy, including Peschiera del Garda to Venice (1h 16m), Verona Porta Nuova to Venice (1h) and Trieste Centrale to Venice (1h 37m).

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