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Only Super Organised People Will Get These 7 Christmas Feels…

ONE. The joyous feeling when you’ve completed your Christmas shopping by Halloween.

TWO. The smug satisfaction when you’ve ordered your Christmas food already and you know you’ve bagged the perfect Christmas home-delivery slot.

THREE. You want to make sure your friends all across the globe know you’re thinking of them so you’re all over the international Christmas post deadline.

PS. If you’re thinking of surprising them with a visit check out Trainline.eu

FOUR.You’ve written and circulated your Christmas list, with a varied price range to make sure you get precisely what you’ve asked for.

FIVE. You’ve booked all your Christmas train tickets for every event of the year…

Christmas market ✔️

Grandma’s house ✔️

Panto ✔️

Carol service ✔️

Santa’s Grotto ✔️

New Year’s Party ✔️

And you know you can save an average 43% when you book in advance and that all the Christmas timetables are now available to book here.

SIX. You are on the work’s Christmas Party Planning Committee and are heading up the office Secret Santa.

SEVEN. You’re already over-excited but you still need to make it through Halloween and Bonfire Night…


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