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Brighton Pride 2016 by Train


Taking the train to Brighton Pride 2016

We’ve asked Brighton Pride aficionado Matthew Horwood from equality empowerment charity Stonewall to give us the low-down on the tops and nots of celebrating diversity at Brighton’s beautiful Pride Festival. We’ve also sprinkled in a few tips for getting to Brighton Pride by train.

Matt, please introduce yourself…

I’m Senior Communications Officer at Stonewall, the leading lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality charity. Stonewall attends Brighton Pride each year and in 2016 it’s one of 25 Pride events we’ll attend.


What are you most looking forward to in this year’s Brighton and Hove Pride line up?

Brighton Pride has a diverse audience and it’s brilliant to see this consistently reflected in its line ups. I’m excited in particular for Dua Lipa and Pam Ann for this year.

What should I take with me to Pride 2016?

An anytime return…

We can definitely help with that! (More on anytime return tickets) What is the best thing about Brighton Pride?

For me Pride is a chance to celebrate how far lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality has come, but also a chance to think about the work that’s still left to do to ensure that all LGBT people are accepted without exception.

What should we avoid?

Avoid passing judgement. Pride events offer a space for LGBT folk and their friends and families to feel free to be themselves and celebrate. If someone passes judgement at you, avoid taking any notice!

How do you plan to get the most from your weekend?

I always coordinate when and where I’m meeting friends during the event, as mobile signal can do a disappearing act at big events like Pride. This year if anyone gets separated from their friends they’re welcome to meet at the Stonewall stall and hang out with us! And of course, booking my train tickets in advance so it’s one less thing to remember and I can save money!

If you were going to Pride for the first time, what can’t be missed?

Getting to see and hear a bit of everything. Watch some live music, visit some of the community stalls, check out the DJs, spend some time in a comedy tent and listen to the speeches from some of our community’s hardest working campaigners. My best tip is to try checking out something that you wouldn’t usually.

Matt’s Tops and Nots


1. Make new friends


2. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks


3. Bring a hoodie (Just in case!)


Not: 1. Drinking too much


2. Ditching the friends you went with

Extra Info for Taking the Train to Brighton Pride

Brighton Pride is a 15minute walk from Brighton train station, you’ll find Preston Park (Pride!) on the similarly named Preston Road, once you’re on the main road, you will be able to see the festival. Book your train ticket here.

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Brighton and Hove Pride Tickets and line up


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