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Whether you’re a Bristolian yourself, you’re visiting the South West for a day out, or just fancy some first-date inspiration, read on…  

George started his date bright and early, ready to catch his train from London Paddington to Bristol Parkway. Not being much of a morning person, we’re sure he was glad he didn’t have to get up even earlier to collect his ticket from the station’s ticket machines. Just like the rest of the stations in the South West region, Bristol’s train stations are Mobile Ticket and eticket-enabled, meaning you can use your phone to whizz straight through the barriers!

George’s first stop on our secret agenda was at Airhop Bristol, the world’s biggest trampoline park, just a short bus ride away from Bristol Parkway. Airhop is great fun for everyone, especially on Tuesdays, when it’s 2-for-1 entry. Bargain hunter? Travel by train after 10:00 on weekdays, or any time at weekends, using an Off-Peak ticket and you’ve got yourself a budget day out.

At Airhop, George waited, and waited, and waited for his date to arrive… Turns out, he’d been waiting in the wrong area – no points for being smooth there George – but once they’d cleared that little hurdle, things got off to a bounding start. When in a trampoline park with someone you’ve just met, what’s the best way to break the ice? A bouncing race, of course! Watch the full video to find out who won.

Did you know, an hour of trampolining has been reported to burn up to 1,000 calories? Even if you burn half that much, you’re sure to be in the mood for some food, and in Bristol, you’re in for a treat! Bristol’s restaurant scene has been described by award-winning food critic Jay Rayner as “the one city that stands out, outside of London”. Plus, 33 Bristol-based restaurants have made it into Waitrose’s Good Food Guide 2019 – not too shabby! 

George and his date, Grace, made a beeline for the spicy Sri Lankan street food spot, The Coconut Tree, Clifton Triangle, which is just a 10-minute walk from Clifton Down train station. Once there, they romantically fed one another fiery dishes from the menu, while blindfolded… George and Grace may not have eaten with their eyes, but we’d recommend you do. In fact, one glance at this award-winning restaurant’s menu, and you can expect an explosion of colours dancing across your plate that you’ll want to see. 

After fumbling their way through course after course, George and Grace turned up the heat on their date really putting their tastebuds to the test with a visit from Clifton Chilli Club. This travelling group of chilli enthusiasts started in Bristol and have hosted festivals and competitions around the world. They’re regulars at foodie festivals around the UK. Why not pack a family-size pack of yoghurt and visit them at Reading Chilli Festival or the Great Dorset Chilli Festival?

Hopefully we’ve kickstarted your plans for a great day out in Bristol. Still stumped for ideas? Check out our top UK destinations to see where else our app could take you.