You might have had your fix of traditional museums and galleries during your stay in Milan, so how about something a bit different? A contemporary art gallery does things a bit differently at Fondazione Prada.

A little further out of Milan than other city landmarks, Fondazione Prada can be found in the Largo Isarco industrial complex in Porta Romana, in the city's south.

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How to get to Fondazione Prada

It might not be central, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to reach. Ride the M3 Metro line to Lodi T.I.B.B., take the V.Ie Isonzo exit, and you’ll find yourself on Fondazione Prada’s doorstep. Why not take the tram if you aren’t near an M3 Metro line? Line 24 will take you there, or hop on the 65 bus.

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What to see at Fondazione Prada

For those who love to discover new works of art on their travels, Fondazione Prada is a must when visiting Milan. Spread across several buildings, there’s plenty to explore at this gallery of contemporary art, where you can easily spend an entire afternoon admiring the installations.


Fondazione Prada houses a range of exhibitions from the very best in the business. Of course, exhibits will vary depending on when you attend, but permanent collections remain in place throughout the year.

Atlas is spread out across six levels of the Torre (Tower) building, the brainchild of Miuccia Prada and Germano Celan. This collection of installations comes from various artists. With key names including Carla Accardi and Jess Koons, Walter De Maria, Goshka Macuga and Betye Saar, you should expect the unexpected, with each installation as outrageous as the next.

Jean-Luc Godard's The Studio of Orpheus is another highlight. Any film buff will know that Jean-Luc Godard was a master of the big screen. But how did he create such masterpieces? Well, this exhibition gives you a glimpse into what goes on in a film director’s life. A truly unique experience, visitors can observe Godard’s actual studio, which was relocated from his Swiss home to the first floor of the Sud gallery. Explore the director’s technical material, used in his latest films, along with furniture, paintings and books, providing a truly unique experience.

On the more obscure side of contemporary art, the Robert Gober and Louise Bourgeois exhibition takes you on a journey through a range of themes, from relationships to religion, politics and nature. The collection of whacky installations includes Untitled (1993 to 1994) and Arms and Legs Wallpaper (1995 to 2015).


Proving that there are so many ways to appreciate art, Fondazione Prada gallery features its very own cinema. A far cry from your average, here you can view films that explore the lives of contemporary artists and their works.

Heading to the cinema is an excellent way of breaking up your time exploring the exhibitions at Fondazione Prada – and helps to keep the kids entertained too! But it’s important to note that admission to the cinema comes at an additional price to the gallery entry fee.

Bar and restaurant

So, you’ve seen the exhibitions, visited the cinema, what next? End your Fondazione Prada experience on a high by visiting Bar Luce. Somewhat of an art installation in its own right, Bar Luce was designed by none other than a world-famous director, Wes Anderson. Based on interior design trends of the 50s and 60s, the atmosphere is warm and inviting and mimics a traditional Milanese café.

If you’re looking for more than a light bite, the gallery even has an on-site restaurant. Located on the sixth floor, Torre restaurant boasts magnificent views of the city, complete with a terrace. The menu is just as beautiful as the setting, with authentic Italian dishes inspired by chef Lorenzo Lunghi’s Tuscan roots.

Fondazione Prada history and facts

Fondazione Prada isn’t just the name of a Milanese gallery. It’s an institution of contemporary art dating back to the early 90s. Initially set up to coordinate pop-up shows and exhibitions around the city, its increasing popularity meant it became clear that Fondazione Prada needed a permanent home.

Creating the space

The hunt began for a property that would embody Fondazione Prada. A former gin distillery dating back to 1910, the Largo Isarco industrial complex was the perfect fit. Work quickly began to make it a suitable setting for Fondazione Prada visitors.

Local architectural studio, Oma, was hired to redesign and repurpose the space. The challenge was to create a gallery that carefully restored and celebrated the property’s original features whilst adding new buildings that championed modern architecture. So, getting the balance right was vital.

It took ten years from commission to completion; every aspect of the gallery was carefully crafted to deliver the best experience for visitors. Three new ones were built alongside the seven existing buildings: Podium, the Cinema, and Torre, a nine-storey tower dedicated to permanent collections.

A new city landmark

Fondazione Prada finally opened its doors to the public in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. Although a relatively new addition to Milan, this gallery has quickly gained popularity and earned its right to be considered a significant landmark within the city.

The cinema

The cinema features large bi-fold doors leading directly onto the courtyard, creating a constant connection with the outdoors. Designed to be a multipurpose space, the cinema seating area can transform into a flat floor with room for events or additional gallery space during busy periods.

The Torre building

On the northwest side of the complex, you can find the Torre building. As well as additional installations, this is also where you’ll find the restaurant. As you work your way up the tower, not only will you observe fantastic views of Milan, you might also notice that the ceiling height increases. This is to make sure that the gallery can house large scale installations.

The Podium building

The Podium building can be found at the heart of the complex and has two gallery spaces. One of these spaces is rather interesting, as it’s clad in aluminium foam and has a bubble pattern finish.

With such an exciting blend of traditional and modern, the old gin distillery has made the perfect home for Fondazione Prada, enhancing the installations it plays host to.

Restaurants and bars near Fondazione Prada


Although there is a superb restaurant on-site at Fondazione Prada, you might fancy a change of scene for your dinner.

  • Il Capestrano – For those who have already fallen in love with Milanese cuisine and are looking for something different, Il Capestrano is an excellent choice. Inspired by the Abruzzo region of Italy, menu highlights include premium hams and cheeses, mutton and barbecued lamb kebabs. What’s more, it’s less than a fifteen-minute stroll from Fondazione Prada
  • Un Posto a Milano – Less than 20 minutes from Fondazione Prada, Un Posto a Milano is located within the Duomo district. This means you can grab a meal here and then work your way back into the city centre. Expect a vast menu including meats, cheeses and Italian classics, which can be enjoyed on the outdoor lawn in the glorious sunshine
  • Dongiò – A 20-minute walk, but worth the steps, Dongiò is a budget-friendly restaurant that offers outstanding Calabrian cuisine. These regional specialities are packed with flavour and enjoyed in a laid-back setting.


A drink in Bar Luca left you wanting more? We’ve got you covered with our top three bars near Fondazione Prada.


  • 7 Luppoli – A microbrewery less than 10 minutes away, you’ll be spoilt for choice at 7 Luppoli. Choose from a wide range of beers on tap in a bar that has a great atmosphere and makes the perfect backdrop for drinks with friends
  • The Spirit – In the heart of the Porta Romana district, you’ll find a cocktail bar that’s considered to be a bit of a hidden gem. Behind the easily missed front door, step into The Spirit, a luxurious spot that oozes glamour with specialist cocktails on offer
  • Bere Buona Birra – Ideal for craft beer fans, Bere Buona Birra (Drink Good Beer) is a super laid-back choice that prides itself on quality local beers and a friendly setting. The passionate team can help you find your ideal drink to end any evening on a high.

Opening times and ticket prices

Fondazione Prada is open to the public Wednesday to Monday, from 10:00 to 19:00. Whether you want a culture-filled morning or an evening of admiring art before visiting the restaurant, you can easily fit this gallery into your Milan schedule.

Fondazione Prada Gallery


General Admission



Children (under 18)




Over 65s


Disabled visitors


Companions of disabled visitors



Fondazione Prada Cinema


General Admission





Over 65s


Disabled visitors (+ companion)


Prices correct as of March 2022

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