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5 Tips for last minute Christmas travel

Although Christmas is the same time each year, undoubtedly there are occasions when we need to move around at the last minute, so here are our top tips for taking the train for last minute Christmas travel.

1. Check your journey

The number one rule of Christmas travel is to check your route before you set off. This will help you to navigate any Christmas bank holiday timetable changes. Take the updates with you on our app, or check them here.

2. Book in advance

If you’re looking to make a saving, book by at least 11:59pm the day before you travel, and if you know friends and family will want to see as much of you as possible it’s a good idea to get an open return ticket so that you have more flexibility to choose when you come back (hopefully laden with presents and leftovers!)

3. Get real-time updates

Download Trainline’s app in advance so that you can get real-time journey updates as you travel and send your travel information to whoever you’re meeting at the other end.

4. Use BusyBot

If your train doesn’t offer seat reservations you can use BusyBot to find empty spaces on your train, simply open the journey planner to view the best spots to find an empty seat.

5. Be prepared

Christmas travel can be full-on, so bring your favourite book or music to maintain your festive spirit, even if you’re trying to accomplish your journey faster than a flying reindeer.



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