How green is your wardrobe? 

When it comes to making eco-conscious lifestyle choices, it’s easy to forget that what we wear also has an impact on the environment. So many elements of our wardrobe are chosen from a comfort-first perspective. How many of us honestly start our search with sustainable yoga clothes in mind when durability, flexibility, and comfort are so critical for our activewear?

But eco-friendly clothing brands are changing that. 

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These companies are on a mission to make our wardrobe as eco-conscious as possible. They’re doing more than creating eco-friendly women’s clothing using chemical-free dyes or offering a selection of eco-friendly men's clothing that uses partially recycled fabric. 

They’re approaching everything from material sourcing and production to operational power and waste management with sustainability in mind. Some of the best sustainable clothing brands in the US and European markets have racks' worth of eco-friendly clothing that looks good, feels good, and does good for the planet. 

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Best sustainable clothing brands in Europe & the USA 

Sheep Inc

Sheep Inc is the world’s first carbon negative fashion brand. Based in London, the company only works with sustainable suppliers, such as a New Zealand sheep station that uses regenerative farming methods and an Italian mill that operates on renewable energy. Check out their wool hoodies and t-shirts, each with a tag that lets you see exactly which sheep helped tailor your new look.

Human Being

Human Being creates eco-friendly women’s clothing that’s just as much for human beings as it is for Mother Earth. Low-impact eco-friendly dyes are used on pesticide-free organic cotton and recycled nylon called Antex to enhance its sustainability. But they’re not stopping there. They’re transitioning to more bio-based materials to cut the amount of carbon emissions produced while also creating a product that requires less water for washing and rinsing.


Back in the early 2000’s, you might have known the company Knickey that weaved eco-friendly women’s clothing. Today, the company is called Subset and they’ve expanded their selection to include eco-friendly men's clothing. Their organic cotton innerwear is certified sustainable by GOTS, biodegradable so your clothes become regenerative nutrients instead of rubbish, and free of chemicals to keep your most delicate parts unharmed.

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Gabriela Hearst

High fashion isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when shopping the racks for eco-friendly women’s clothing, but most sustainable clothing brands aren’t like Gabriela Hearst. Since 2015, she’s continued to keep sustainability in mind by switching to plastic-free packaging, has sustainably built her London and New York stores, and even hosts a carbon-neutral fashion show. 

Ten Little

Kids need an eco-friendly clothing brand, too, and Ten Little is one of the best sustainable clothing brands for head-to-toe children's apparel. They help parents find safe and sustainable wardrobes for every stage of childhood by providing shoes with vegan leather, swim nappies made from recycled polyester, and a raincoat with recycled polyester and recycled bottles.


Ethical manufacturing and full-circle traceability. Post-consumer waste materials used and over 100 million trees planted. The use of responsible packaging to send you eco-friendly men's clothing and a recycling program that gives you a discount when you send back their eco-friendly women’s clothing so they avoid the landfill. When it comes to the best sustainable clothing brands, Tentree is checking as many boxes as they can to ensure their clothes are worn by you without wearing down the health of our planet.

Green looks good on anybody, whether it’s on their body, what they put in their body (like the food from the UK’s most sustainable restaurants), or on their travel itinerary. We can make eco-conscious lifestyle choices both at home and abroad. Packing eco-friendly clothing and toiletries, eating at sustainable restaurants, and swapping plane or car travel for adventures on Europe’s train lines are ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint while having an unforgettable holiday.

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