That’s also true if sampling some superb grub is high on your list of priorities whenever you go away. Just like the city itself, Munich’s dining scene is all about mixing the classic with the contemporary, with everything from cosy Bavarian pretzel cafes to colourful street food canteens lining the streets.

In fact, you have more excellent options than you could realistically fit into a long weekend, so it always helps to have a head start. To get you going, here’s just a small selection of the best places to eat in Munich, including some Michelin Star restaurants.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Munich

Whatever your tastes are or wherever the mood is taking you, you’re sure to find something you love among these Munich Restaurants.

  1. Broeding
  3. ROCCA Riviera
  4. Oanh 65
  5. La Boheme
  6. Little London
  7. Chopan Schwabing
  8. DinnerHopping
  9. Pageou
  10. Schiller Braeu


What? German, Austrian

Where? Schulstr. 9, 80634 Munich


Bavarians are particularly proud of their wholesome and hearty local cuisine, and nowhere is this pride more on show than at Broeding. With a menu that evolves on the daily and an ever-changing list of wines, this classically-styled spot takes a fine-dining approach to local ingredients and flavour combinations. Expect marinated rare beef, pickled veg, and alpine cheeses to feature, with every single dish being as much a feast for the eyes as for the mouth. 


What? Japanese, Asian

Where? Landsberger Str. 68, 80339 Munich


Being the bustling international city it is, you’ll find much more than just Bavarian fare on offer when you visit Munich. IZAKAYA is a case in point, and this super stylish Japanese restaurant matches its ultra-modern décor with time-honoured tradition.

The extensive menu features all the sushi and sashimi you could hope to pick at. At the same time, there’s a superb selection of small sharing dishes like scallops in yuzu sauce and crunchy octopus salad if you’re looking for something more substantial.

ROCCA Riviera

What? Italian, Mediterranean

Where? Wittelsbacherplatz 2 80333 Munich


It’s hard to go wrong with classic Mediterranean fare, and the luxurious ROCCA Riviera certainly doesn’t put a single step out of line. Seafood is the standout on this colourful menu, with the fish to share option being just the ticket for a couples’ romantic meal. There are plenty of classic Italian options too if fish isn’t your thing, including fresh, melt-in-the-mouth pasta dishes.

Oanh 65

What? Vietnamese, Asian

Where? Lindwurmstrasse 65, 80337 Munich


Vietnamese food is quite righty all the rage right now, and Oanh 65 is among Bavaria’s best takes on this colourful and comforting cuisine. The décor here is stylish but simple, which really helps the sight and smell of these mouthwatering platters to pop. You’ve certainly come to the right place if seafood is your usual pick. Still, a host of delicious rice, noodle, and soup dishes ensure there’s something for everyone.

La Boheme

What? Steakhouse

Where? Leopoldstr. 180 Schwabing, 80804 Munich


Michelin-recommended steak without breaking the bank? That’s the arty and urban La Boheme for you. This snug spot serves up some of the best cuts in the city, including a 1000g sharer if you’ve got a few mouths to feed. The Sunday brunch here is also something of an institution and could be the perfect way to ward off any sore heads after your Saturday night in Munich.

Little London

What? British, Steakhouse

Where? Tal 31, 80331 Munich


Another spot that those experts at Michelin can’t get enough of, Little London masters the art of hearty, rustic dining. It’s set around a large bar with a superb selection of gins and whiskeys (most of them British and Irish!) and steak is the highlight here. Still, there are plenty more familiar favourites to get your fill with, including traditional fish and chips.

Chopan Schwabing

What? Afghani, Middle Eastern

Where? Occamstr. 3, 80802 Munich


Chopan Schwabing might be the most unassuming of our top restaurants in Munich. Still, Bavarians can’t get enough of this family-run food spot. The menu is packed with mouthwatering Middle Eastern flavours, including colourful curries and tantalizing meats grilled on the skewer, all served up with the sauces, dips, and yoghurts that the cuisine is famous for.


What? American, German

Where? Tal 1, 80331 Munich


For a feast quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before, DinnerHopping ticks all the right boxes. Winding through the whimsical streets of Munich, you’ll enjoy fresh and delicious dishes from the benches of a classic American school bus. Don’t be fooled by this restaurant’s eclectic theme though; it’s among the best German restaurants in Munich with local fare served up alongside U.S favourites.


What? European

Where? Kardinal-Faulhaber-Str. 10, 80333 Munich


You’ll find a sizeable Turkish community in most German cities, and this has undoubtedly made its mark on the country’s cuisine. Pageou is among the best places to eat in Munich if you’re looking to sample some of this irresistible fusion food. Think a home-cooked menu brimming with aromatic flavours of East Anatolia matched by the rich and rustic allure of Bavaria’s best dishes.

Schiller Braeu

What? German

Where? Schillerstr. 23, 80336 Munich


Home-brewed, unfiltered beer served from cooper kettles on-site? That’s Schiller Braeu’s shtick, and their small but no-less-exciting menu of serious Bavarian food is the perfect match. Expect local meats, cheeses, and mountains of sauerkraut.

Munich’s Michelin Star Restaurants

Locals famously call Munich ‘Millionendorf’, meaning village of a million people. But there’s nothing village-like about the Bavarian capital’s lineup of Michelin Star restaurants, which easily rivals some of the biggest cities around the globe.

If you’re looking for Michelin restaurants in Munich, here’s where to head:

Three Michelin Star restaurants in Munich:

  1. Atelier

Two Michelin Star restaurants in Munich:

  1. EssZimmer
  2. Tantris
  3. Les Deux
  4. Alois – Dallmayr Fine Dining

One Michelin Star restaurants in Munich:

  1. Showroom
  2. Acquarello
  3. Gabelspiel
  4. Sparkling Bistro
  5. mural
  6. Tian
  7. Schwarzreiter


What? European

Where? Promenadeplatz 2-6, 80333 Munich


Atelier is one of just over 100 restaurants across the planet that hold an astonishing three Michelin Stars. And with one glimpse at this restaurant’s super chic interior and the artistic plates that pour from its kitchen, you won’t be left wondering why. While the menu is continually changing, Atelier’s lineup of taster dishes are masterpieces in their own right. This is a culinary experience that will live with you for a long time.


What? European

Where? Johann-Fichte-Str. 7, 80805 Munich


The proud holder of two Michelin Stars, Tantris’s 1970s interior is only the start of the fun at this much-loved dining spot. Tantris has been doing what it does best for more than four decades, with dishes like its lukewarm salmon with leek puree, brown butter, and imperial caviar becoming classics in that time.

Famous Restaurants in Munich

If you’re stuck for what to eat in Munich, don’t forget you’re slap bang at the heart of Bavaria’s rich culinary history. Munich is home to many famous and historic eateries that Germans from all corners of the country flock to, particularly when Oktoberfest rolls around.

For a really authentic experience when you’re dining out in Munich, try these popular haunts.


What? Bavarian, German

Where? Baaderplatz 2, 80469 Munich


If you’re looking for a local institution, you’ll be more than pleased by what you find at Konigsquelle. With its dark wood interior and an ornate bar stocking an entire wall of malt whiskeys, the food offering here is distinctly alpine. That gives it a surprisingly Italian touch, with linguine, cannelloni, and plenty of goat’s cheese making an appearance on the menu.


What? Bavarian, German

Where? Fraunhoferstr. 9, 80469 Munich


Wood-panelled walls and parquet floors are your first hint you’re going to get something incredibly traditional at Fraunhofer. The interior of this eatery could almost trick you into believing the last century hadn’t happened, and the food is about as authentically Bavarian as it gets. Think chunky stews, mountains of sausages and beer served by the stein.

Getting Around Munich

German cities are renowned for their reliable and abundant public transport options, and Munich certainly fits that pattern. Getting around the Bavarian capital is quick, easy, and affordable, with your options including underground rail (U-Bahn), surface-level trains (S-Bahn), trams, and buses.

Of course, if you can head to your destination on foot then we’d recommend it – there’s always plenty to see along the way! What’s more, central areas of Munich are relatively cycle-friendly if you’re confident on two wheels.

Choosing a public transport ticket

The good news is that all Munich’s public transport is integrated, meaning you can hop from tram to bus to S-Bahn all using the same ticket.

Buy a single or group day ticket for individual journeys or days out. For most weekend trips to the city, the Munich CityTourCard is by far the best option. This not only gets you anything from 24 hours to six days unlimited transport within the central zones of the city, but it also provides a discount at more than 80 leading tourist attractions. It starts at €13.90 for 24 hours and rises to €41.90 for the six-day option.

With a host of world-class attractions right alongside these enticing eateries, there’s plenty to look forward to during your stay in the Bavarian capital.

Getting to Munich by train

It's easy to take the train to Munich from the main destinations across Europe. Travel direct from Prague to Munich in just 4h 56m on a high-speed Deutsche Bahn service, or why not whizz from Berlin to Munich on another direct DB train in about 4h 49m. Frankfurt to Munich is also another well-connected route, taking just 3h 12m.

Other popular cross-border routes include Amsterdam to Munich (7h 24m), Paris to Munich (6h 16m), Vienna to Munich (3h 53m) and Munich to Paris.

Ready for your next train journey to Munich? Check out our guide to trains in Germany to learn all about the German trains, timetables and popular routes.