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Moving from trainline.es to trainline.com


Q. I tried to go to trainline.es but got redirected to trainline.com, why is this?

A. We’ve moved everything you love about trainline.es over to Trainline (trainline.com), so you can book and manage journeys across the world in one place.

Q. Is this new website safe?

A. Yes. When we moved trainline.es to Trainline (trainline.com) we carried over all the same smart tech and cutting-edge security features, so it’s completely safe to use. You should even find it faster than trainline.es and there are now UK train and bus journeys to choose from too – why not try booking a journey to somewhere new?

Q. I’ve bought tickets on trainline.es can I still access them?

A. Yes. You can access all your tickets, for upcoming journeys, made on trainline.es when you transfer your account to Trainline (trainline.com). Once you sign in on trainline.com just go to the My Bookings section. All your saved cards and passengers from trainline.es will be securely transferred to trainline.com too. If you need any of your past tickets, for expenses or receipt purposes, all the info will be in your email confirmation.


Q. Why do you keep asking me to download a new app?

A. We've plugged all the clever tech from our Trainline Europe app into our Trainline app, to help you book and manage your train and bus journeys across the world in one place.

  • If you have both our Trainline Europe and Trainline apps, you’ll just need to transfer your Trainline Europe account over to your Trainline app – we’ll prompt you to do this when you next sign in on our Trainline Europe app. It takes an instant.
  • If you’ve got our Trainline Europe app, but not our Trainline app, you’ll need to download our Trainline app and transfer your Trainline Europe account to be able to book and manage all your journeys in one place. Search ‘Trainline’ on the App Store or Play Store. We’ll ask you to sign in when you download and open our Trainline app – once you’re signed in, we’ll do the rest.

Accessing your bookings

Q. I can’t see my previous bookings – why is this? Can I still generate a receipt for my expenses?

A. When you booked, we sent you a confirmation email. Check your inbox, or junk mail if you’re having trouble finding it, and follow the link in your booking confirmation email to be able to access invoices for past bookings.

Q. Why are some of my bookings shown to me in a different way to others?

A. We’ve moved everything you love about our Trainline Europe app to our Trainline app, but we’re doing things in stages. We’ve moved any upcoming bookings you made on Trainline Europe over to Trainline. You’ll have them instantly to hand, all in one place. They may look slightly different, but they work in exactly the same way, just go to My Tickets and everything will be there.


Q. I’ve started using trainline.com but now I have to keep signing in every time I use it – that never used to happen on trainline.eu. Is it a bug?

A. No, it’s not a bug. We’re completely focused on protecting your personal data, so Trainline has even more cutting-edge security features – that means you may have to sign in more often.


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