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Booking with or without an account

I don't have an account.  Booking as a Guest customer is great for when you're in a hurry and want to make a booking as quick as possible - all we need from you is an email address so we know where to send an email confirming the booking.   This email will have all the details about your upcoming journey.   If you want to check your booking history online or to refund a ticket then you do need an account.  

It's a two min process to set up an account, we just ask for your name, address, and password. Click here to create an account

I do have an account. Good news. You will be able to view all your journey history online in My Booking.  To protect your security we've made a few changes to the way you access this information.

  • All bookings made while you were logged into your account will be shown automatically in the My Booking section of our website.  There are no changes to this.  
  • If you made a booking when you weren't logged into your account, then please open your booking confirmation email and choose the 'Login to manage your booking' button to view your journey online.  From here you have the option to link this guest booking to your existing online account.

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