Can I move my Mobile Ticket to another device?

Mobile Tickets can be moved between any iOS or Android device and are not restricted by manufacturer.

The Move Tickets button is located within the ticket:



  • Clicking the Options button in the top left of the Mobile ticket screen
  • Click the 'Move tickets' option
  • Select 'Move tickets' at the bottom of the next screen




  • Select the three dotted icon at the top right corner of the mobile tickets screen
  • Click the 'Move tickets' option
  • Select 'Move all tickets' within the pop-up menu



Please note that if the tickets are being used by someone other than the booker, they will need to have the bookers personal login details to download the ticket.

If you change your mind and decide not to move your Mobile Tickets to another device, you can re-download your ticket by selecting 'Download Tickets' in the 'My Tickets' menu.