Do I need to post my tickets back for a refund?

Before we refund you, we might just need you to post us your original tickets first. Check below to see if you need to or not.  

You'll need to post your tickets back to us if...

  • You chose to have them posted to you when you booked.
  • You've already collected them from a ticket machine.
  • They were part of a multiple booking and you still want to use the other tickets on the booking, but you haven't collected them yet. In this situation, you'll need to collect all your tickets and send back the ones you'd like a refund for.  

Send your tickets to PO Box 23972, Edinburgh, EH3 5DA. When you do send them back to us, it's a good idea to get recorded delivery so you can keep track of them, as we can only refund you once we've got the tickets.  

You don't need to post your tickets back to us if...

  • You've not collected them and there aren't any other tickets on the same booking that you still want to use.  
  • You chose our Mobile Ticket option.  
  • You chose our print-at-home e-ticket option.