What happens if I miss my train?

If you've missed your train because you overslept, bumped into an old friend and got caught up reminiscing about old times, or any other reason out of the Train Operating Company's control you'll have to check your type of ticket to see what you can do.  

Advance tickets - These tickets are for a specific train route, time and date. So, if you miss it, you'll have to buy a new ticket before you get on another train. 

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets - These tickets are more flexible. If you miss your train you can hop on the next service that's available, so long as it's Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak, depending on your ticket type. Do a quick journey search on our app to see if the next train is Peak, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak.  

If you've not used your tickets, you could get a refund. Just so you know, we charge a £10.00 fee to arrange a refund.  

Anytime tickets - Anytime Single tickets are valid for any time of the day, so you can just hop on the next available train. If you've booked a return ticket, your outward journey can be taken anytime from the date on your ticket and up to five days afterwards. You can return at anytime, so long as it's within one calendar month.

The same rules apply as with Off-Peak ticket, in that if you've not used your tickets, you could get a refund.  With the same fee of £10.00. 

If the train you are on is delayed and you are concerned about making the next train connection, then speak to a member of staff on the delayed train to see if they can help you get your journey back on track.