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How do I apply a GroupSave discount?

GroupSave gives you a 34% discount if you’re travelling on Off-Peak trains in a group of between three and nine people.  

When you search for tickets on our website, select the GroupSave option from the Railcard drop-down menu, where it says "Add railcard".

groupsave image

Just so you know...

  • If you book with a GroupSave discount, all the passengers in your group will need to stick together. If your group splits up your tickets won’t be valid anymore.  
  • Not all of the Train Operating Companies (TOCs) that we work with offer GroupSave discount. But, so long as you select GroupSave when you search for your tickets, we’ll automatically apply the discount if it’s available
  • Although it's selected from the Railcard menu, it's just a discount and not actually a Railcard. The same rules of having to take proof of a physical Railcard on your trip does not apply.
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