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Five travel resolutions for 2017

A new year, a new you… that is the aim, but by mid-January it is quite challenging to stick to your plans. So we’ve rounded up some top tips as travel resolutions even the most disorganised person can keep.

1. Go somewhere new

This year promise yourself that you will go somewhere new. Whether it be an adventure of a lifetime, or just a trip to the new shopping centre, the time is now. Booking your tickets ahead of schedule will stop any other plans cropping up and will help you to get the best deal.

2. Set-up ticket alerts

There are some journeys that, even now, in the first days of January you know you will need to take – to sports matches, theatre, birthdays, weddings – dates that aren’t going to change. You can make savings by setting up a ticket alert for when the tickets become available to buy. Set-up ticket alerts here.

3. Book (at least) the night before

This is really easy, advance train fares can be bought up to 11:59pm on the day before travel. So you can save a few quid here and there by being a tiny bit organised. And of course the usual rule applies – the sooner you book, the better the price. Use the best fare finder to get find the cheapest fare for your journey.

4. Try a mobile ticket

Mobile tickets are now available for a lot of UK train routes. You can avoid queuing by using a mobile ticket which you simply activiate before travel. Get more details.

5. Get an account

Fumbling through your wallet for the right bank card is a pain, get the app and create an account now (while you have some spare minutes) and you can use PayPal, Apple Pay or your pre-saved details the next time you’re booking on the run.



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