We’re celebrating World Car Free Day like true eco-warriors but if you need a bit more convincing here are 7 reasons to leave your car at home…

ONE: Other drivers are morons

There’s always that middle lane road hog, out on their Sunday drive, getting in the way when you’re just trying to get where you need to be at 8.45am on a Wednesday.

TWO: Driving is boring

Miles and miles and miles and miles and miles of motorways in the UK, and they all look the same. When you’re driving there’s no browsing Facebook, no cracking a book out, getting a new high score on Sudoku, and definitely no mobile phones, but on other modes of transport, take a train for example, that is all perfectly fine.

THREE: Tree hugging is having a resurgence

Gone are the days when tree hugging was only for daisy-wielding hippies, nowadays, everyone is getting in on a bit of planet-loving action, after all it is pretty important. Leaving your car at home will be a low-carbon day and you can give cheeky winks to all the trees you see like…

P.S. If you want to get your geek on you can calculate the carbon footprint of your train journey here. Rail beats car every time – boom.

FOUR: Your friends can’t all fit in a car

Most people can only fit 4 or 5 people in their car and you have to question what measurements car manufacturers are using to develop the “middle seat” – sure it has the clearest view, but nobody needs to have the seat belt digging in and cutting off your vitals. Whereas, if you take the train with the squad you can bag a 30% GroupSave discount and there’s no teeny-tiny middle seat – just saying.

FIVE: Dad knows

Like Dad always says, petrol isn’t the price it used to be and every mile you go is one mile closer to the service garage*

*This Dad lecture has been significantly reduced to ease reading.

SIX: Parking is the worst

Even when you know exactly where you’re going and are the ultimate parking pro, finding a parking space is the worst. Yellow lines, permit only, no change given… nobody needs that. It is basically a little bit of stress tacked onto the end of your journey..

SEVEN: Designated driver

The party is popping, your jam comes on, but wait, you are dead pan. You, my friend, are the noble late night hero also know as the designated driver. There is another way. If y’all took the train, you don’t need a DD , and you could be getting all up in there. We came here to Paaaaaaaarty!

To summarise World Car Free Day is an awesome way to do your bit for the planet without too much bother, and we have a bunch of trains to get you from A to B instead – you can book them here.