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Things you will do to avoid reading during reading week

Although reading week always begins with a flurry of studious enthusiasm, this is what will happen…



Although you’ve probably got food, you’ll decide you need specific study snacks in order to knuckle down. You nip to the shops, over and over. Well, everyone knows it’s impossible to study without 3 tubes of Pringles, a family biscuit selection and an assortment of antipasti to keep you focused.


Eating half, OK, the whole family biscuit selection, plus the 5 trips to the shop have worn you out, so you decide it would be perfectly reasonable to take a teeny pre-study nap 💤💤💤


When you wake up again it's way too late to start reading, so you decide to spam your WhatsApp house group and see who else has made it through their study-coma and fancies making a night of it – those £1 pints can’t drink themselves…

Go home

Uni is full of distractions that are not helping your inner-Einstein flourish. Piling highlighters, your lap top and the reading list into a rucksack, you head home.
(Note – if you’re planning the prodigal return, its cheaper to buy train tickets up until midnight the day before, you can book here and don’t forget your 16-25 railcard. 😉)

Family Visits

Mum is so excited to see you that she invites Nan, Grandad and anyone else round to bask in your glory 🌞. Rather than reading you end up using your text book as a prop to help illustrate just how much work your doing – no reading actually happens.

Eat (a lot)

You can’t let Mum’s delicacies go to waste, you know the drill – binge, nap, party, repeat.


Hangover planning

After watching 3 back to back Come Dine with Me omnibuses you have an existential crisis. Life cannot go on this way 😿😿😿. You fix the hangover blues by planning the biggest adventure possible for the last three days of “reading” week.

If you need inspiration, try our Days Out Tool here.

Avoid your work

It looks something like the above. We recommend online shopping, gaming, more Come Dine With Me and of course booking your train home for Christmas 🎅.

Finally… Freak out on Sunday night

You wonder how the time slipped away so quickly and the perils of a 9am Monday morning lecture start to sink in…

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