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The 8 stages of booking a group trip

Group trip

The great 8…

Remember the pesky old days when you’d actually have to call people, or heaven forbid… meet up with them in order to plan a group trip? Well, luckily for us in this crazy techno world we live in, there isn’t really a reason to actually talk to your travel buddies… well, until you are on the trip with them that is.

These days, all you need is a group chat, and perhaps the Trainline app (but we’ll get to that in a second). The technology revolution has seemingly streamlined the travel planning process, but with a new method of doing things, comes a whole new list of obstacles.

Navigating your way through the 21st century group booking process is a toughy, and so if you are the designated planner of your social circle, here are the 8 stages of booking group travel we know you go through…

There will be an initial idea

[SCENE] A group of friends at the pub. Four or five G&Ts in and you get to talking about that trip to Brighton you’ve been meaning to plan for ages… or maybe you make a comment about how you’ve been meaning to take the Eurostar for ages, cause I mean, “ain’t it crazy that Paris is so close?”. By the time they ring the bell for last orders you are all committed to that group trip and are ready and raring to go.

And then there is the creation of a group chat

You wake up, forgetting that conversation ever happened. Or maybe you do, but you’re not sure you actually want to commit to a trip just yet – you’re still holding onto the faint hope that a Glastonbury ticket will miraculously arrive in the post. But then your phone buzzes and you’ve been invited to join a group chat with a weirdly cryptic name. Of course, it ends up being that in-joke from the night before and you realise that there is no backing out of this trip now.

There will be endless discussion with no real purpose

But hey-ho. You’re sure it’ll be fun. Conversation will soon be in full swing and notifications with links to hotels and blog articles, as well as screen grabs of train times and prices will start to pop up with no real decisions being made. Phrases like, “I’ll need to get those dates signed off” and “Can we hold off until pay day?” will whizz around with no real meaning and anything worth discussing will get lost in an endless thread of emoji and GIF reactions.

And someone will inevitably back-out

The trip will eventually start to take shape and you’ll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But then, there will be that one person (who was probably the pickiest with plans) throws a spanner in the works. “Sorry guys, I’m going to have to pass” they’ll say, and no sooner have you seen it, they’ll swiftly exit the group before you even have a chance to send a sad emoji face. Chances are, they will also be the one person that was willing to do all the booking.

The conversation will start to veer off

This ripple in the tide will inevitably see the conversation descend into chaos. Conversations will veer-off travel-planning territory and into vents about work, pictures of cute puppies and Friday beer pics. Stay focussed guys, the end is near.

You will finally get the trip booked

The final plan is made. Tickets will be purchased. GroupSave* savings made. Bank transfers will be made (perhaps after several slightly passive-aggressive reminders) and rooms will be reserved. Countdown apps will be downloaded to phones…


*GroupSave is a free discount that allows any group of 3 – 9 passengers to travel on Off-Peak tickets with a 34% discount.

And make the final travel plans…

Now for most, this will be a time when people start to say, “who has got the tickets?”, “When is the train?”… but not you. Cause you’ll be travelling by train. And you’ll have found some superbly cheap tickets on Trainline. And you’ll have bought them on our app. This nifty piece of tech will cut out that annoying pre-trip mess by allowing you to share you journey details via email, messenger or via WhatsApp. So everyone can know where they need to be in just a couple of taps. So now you can relax…

The trip is planned – can I get a hallelujah? Now brace yourself for weeks of countdown reminders. It’ll be worth it… trust us. *Mutes notifications*



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