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Are you a modern British traveller?


Technology is changing the way we travel

Our study released today has identified the impact of technology on the way we plan, book and experience journeys and holidays. ‘Modern British Travellers’ (we’re calling them MBTs for short), take an average of three holidays a year and over half (52%) use smartphones during their journey planning, with just 14% using travel agents to book a trip.

You can’t leave your phone behind

Tech is so important to the MBT, 44% of people confessed to feeling more in control of their travel plans when they have their devices with them and 18% carry their travel documents on their phone.

You won’t go without WiFi

One in ten people MBTs said they wouldn’t choose a mode of transport that didn’t cater to their technology needs and 24% choose hotels based on whether they have free Wi-Fi and other technology available.

You look to the stars

Even beyond the journey, technology is changing the way we holiday. An MBT is using tech to seek out recommendations for their trips, with one in ten using travel bloggers and other social media stars for inspiration.

You keep people posted

It also seems people are hoping to become social media stars themselves with 16% updating daily to Instagram or Facebook whilst they are away, with the average Brits spending 2 hours and 50 minutes taking photos to upload to social media.

You don’t like hidden costs…

Hassle free experiences and clarity on costs are important in your decision-making, with 62% of people stating they would always opt for the most hassle-free form of transport possible with 73% of people prioritising stress free travel over getting a good deal.

…but get caught out sometimes

However, a lack of clarity on finances is impacting people’s holiday budgets with 71% of Brits stating they had been caught out by and had to pay unexpected costs whilst travelling with factors such as extra baggage, the key culprit.

You believe life is for the journey!

And with more than one in three believe the journey is as important as the destination, Trainline has today launched a campaign to get people to re-evaluate how they travel. Working with rising British actress, Eleanor Tomlinson, Trainline has created two short films that aim to get people thinking about train travel differently, highlighting the benefits of travelling by train with Trainline including live updates and mobile ticketing, no baggage weight restrictions and queue-free boarding.

Eleanor Tomlinson for Trainline

Trainline has teamed up with rising British star Eleanor Tomlinson for its Lintenair campaign to help champion mobile tickets and the Trainline app. Find out more about the campaign at www.lintenair.com.



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