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The Great (Valentine’s Day) Escape


Because some people prefer not to share their chocolate…

Valentine’s Day is a lovely rest-bite to the otherwise dank and grey winter months. Although traditionally for two, we like the idea of a modern Valentine’s Day, reclaimed for eating posh chocs and going on adventures, in ones, twos, threes or whatever you fancy. So, here are our alternatives…

Three is a crowd

Three is a crowd

Oh no it isn’t. Get your single squad together and take a trip somewhere new. Its better when there’s more people because when you travel in a group you qualify for a GroupSave discount*, which is a perfect excuse for a day out with your mates.

You deserve a treat

Treat yourself

You deserve a treat as much as someone in a relationship, the only difference being, you’ll need to arrange it for yourself. The upside of this is you will always have a treat that you will enjoy, at no risk of petrol station flowers or worse, no flowers at all. Heck – you can get your own flowers, you are amazing. 

Don’t hang about

Don't hang about

Certain places don’t appeal to the average Valentine’s Day crowd. So, while they’re queuing for romantic things, don’t hang about! Take the chance to do all the crazy stuff that is usually jam-packed. Horror films, paintball, anything which is mates before dates. (Also, if you hate the wait, take a look at mobile tickets, no queues!)

Take a breather

Take a breather

Travel time is underrated you can use it to indulge in your own company. Use BusyBot to locate a spacious carriage as you travel and enjoy the sense of inner-peace that comes from a mindful moment of doing your own thing.

Spread the love

Spread the love

Finally, Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love! Sharing random acts of kindness through the day, holding a door, helping someone with a heavy suitcase or paying for an extra cup of coffee will make you feel good. Those little nice things make a big difference. You could even send someone some surprise train tickets.

 *GroupSave discount applies when travelling in a group of three to nine people



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