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Easter Scenes In The UK: You Know It Is Easter When…


Easter is almost here and what a wonderful time it is. Nature begins to flourish and spread its wings, early morning frost-covered windscreens become few and far between and, of course, the seasonal supermarket aisles are brimming with chocolate-inspired goodness. When it comes to Easter, no one does it quite like the Brits…

Egg Drawing

The only time it is acceptable to write/draw on your food is at Easter. Thank you, Easter.


Bank Holidays Galore

The dreaded back-in-the-office-after-Christmas feeling is well and truly behind us as we get to bask in the glory of TWO consecutive bank holidays. With mounds of chocolate thrown in for good measure, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Creme Egg Deliberation

How do you eat yours? We have a whole year to consider, but usually default to the classic ‘inside-out’ strategy.


Hot Cross Buns

Gently toasted with lashings of butter and jam. Superb. For those wanting to know more, hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday and mark the end of Lent. Time to celebrate!


Easter Hats

It’s not Easter as a youngster if you didn’t beg your Mum/Dad to take you to the local crafts shop and buy significant volumes of fake, yellow bird feathers, PVA glue and ribbon. Competition is always fierce, with parents determined their child be the proud owner of the highly coveted 1st place rosette.



Like a ninja in the night daffodils make an instant impact on the streets and hills of Britain. Appearing to grow in the most impossible of places, daffodils are more than just a pretty sight.


Chicks and Lambs

Another seasonal favourite comes in the form of the super cute chick and lamb. A winning combo every time!


Easter Nests

For one time of the year only our dearly beloved cereal is turned into something even more awesome – chocolate Easter nests (with the customary candy-coated mini eggs)!

Easter Egg Hunt

Mass confusion from a group of children on the search for the sought after prize winning egg. Precious memories!



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