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Best Family Festivals By Train


Travelling by train is a great way to get your clan to a festival, there is space to move, eat and play plus it can be a fabulous budget busting option when you book in advance.


In a nutshell: Wilderness has a relaxed, revitalising atmosphere. It’s the perfect festival for the family to get together and kick back, while enjoying your favourite bands. You will find everything from lakeside hot tubs to children’s entertainment, perfect for energising the whole family!

For the: Family with older kids
Famous for: Paddleboard Yoga
Don’t forget: Glitter
On the train: Eye spy for Buzzards and Red Kites
Nearest station: Charlbury
Booking in advance saves £42.00*


Camp Bestival

In a nutshell: Camp Bestival is a favourite with celebrity families, and for good reason! It’s lively feel gets the whole family involved in an action packed adventure weekend. Music takes a front seat with entertainment and activities for breaking out when you need it.

For the: Family with young children
Famous for: Giant Bubble Show
Don’t forget: Face Paint
On the train: Have a teddy bears picnic and get your energy up for the big weekend ahead
Nearest station: Wool
Booking in advance saves £78.00*


Kendal Calling

In a nutshell: Kendal Calling is a highlight of the festival calendar, its heady mix of arts, crafts and music is perfect for an immersive hands on festival experience. Get involved by making your own creations or play next-level eye spy spotting the sculptures around the park.

For the: Arts and craft family
Famous for: Lost Eden art instalations across the park
Don’t forget: Fancy Dress
On the train: Pack your colouring book and crayons at the top and start getting artistic early!
Nearest station: Penrith (There is a shuttle bus from the station)
Booking in advance saves £105.00*


Green Man

In a nutshell: Green Man is fantastic for broadening your family’s horizons and getting back to basics, while having an amazing time rocking out to dead-good tunes. It’s a fabulous mix of performing arts, music and the outdoors perfect for all ages from tots to octogenarians.

For the: Outdoorsy Family
Famous for: Einstein’s Garden
Don’t forget: Glow Sticks
On the train: See how many different plants and trees you can spot from the window
Nearest station: Abergavenny (There is a shuttle bus from the station)
Booking in advance saves £108.00*


Elderflower Fields

In a nutshell: Elderflower Fields is the new kid on the block when it comes to festivals, but it is perfect for introducing your family to the festival experience. Community is at the heart of the Elderflower ethos which makes it perfect as a first festival.

For the: First Festival Family
Famous for: So Sussex Family Picnic
Don’t forget: To book kids activities in advance!
On the train: Take a tablet or laptop and watch a family favourite
Nearest station: Tunbridge Wells
Booking in advance saves £33.80*


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