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Back to Uni Bingo: Post-Christmas Edition

It’s January, that means, back to uni (again!). Finally you can return to your independent, free-spirited uni-life and the battle of wills that is bin-jenga.

1. Leftovers

Despite being weeks since Christmas day, your mum will undoubtedly pack an empty chocolate tub full of leftovers for your return to make sure you’re well fed.

2. Packing

To take or to leave – will you need all three lynx body wash sets, and is there room for the cardboard cut-out of Gandalf in your room? All you really need is a pizza menu and your 16-25 Railcard, voila!

3. Arrivals

Now is the time to gain valuable logistics experience for your CV by trying to arrange for your squad to arrive back in sync so you don’t end up alone in an empty 12-bed house. Use the app to share real-time journey updates – boom.

NB. If you live close to your friends don’t forget to get a GroupSave discount on your train tickets back to uni when you travel together.

4. Gossip

Snapchat scandals, WhatsApp whispering, who has been linking with who and what actually happened on New Year’s eve? Inevitably the first few days back to uni will be spent filling in the gaps in group chat.

5. Money

The next burst of Student loan will hit your bank and it’s just in time for the last bits of January sale.

NB. If you’ve already made plans for later in the year – gigs, shows, trips home etc. Book your train tickets in advance, they’ll be cheaper and you won’t run out of money before you book…!


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