The Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread City is a miniature wonderland – intended to get people to engage with the built environment and the challenges of creating good places that best support how we live, work and play.

Each year, the city has a new theme, and as 2019-2020's theme was “Futuristic Transport” – we at Trainline decided that we’d take a closer look. After all, we are Europe’s leading train and coach app.

Transport networks of the future need to be fast, reliable, and sustainable; they need to work for all people and as part of places that we all want to live in. The team at the Museum of Architecture say:

“A gingerbread city that prioritises people-focused sustainable transport will result in a place that is easy to navigate, inclusive, safe, and efficient. A fully integrated mass transit system, active transport infrastructure, and a range of innovative transport solutions have been employed across the city to move gingerbread citizens around in this way.”

From the waterfront to the cultural district, all seven areas have elements of sustainable transport planned into them. The masterplan for the 2019 Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread City has been created by Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design and is based on the concept of the “Future of Transport”. The teams hope that it encourages people to think about how planning and architecture could be used as a tool to create liveable, well-connected cities in future.

Do have a look around - and we hope you're inspired to take the train to some real places not too dissimilar from the ones depicted in gingerbread!