We’ve called on our Scottish explorers Angus and Vivian to give you 3 days of fun in Glasgow…

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already read countless TripAdvisor reviews and gone through all the sites on page 1 of your Google search just to find things to do in the next city you’re going to, or in this case, Glasgow. If you’re even more like me, then you’re probably looking for something a bit more physically engaging than your typical bus tour, or museum dander. Well, you’re in luck. For this post, we’ve partnered with Trainline to compile an itinerary for 3 days in Glasgow to fulfill all your wanderlust needs, complete with active adventures, good eats and great bars. You’ll be exploring the best of the best during your 3 days in Glasgow, including adrenaline-inducing activities, accessible transportation, infamous museums, and exquisite, unique restaurants and bars that makes this city so great.

Day 1

Arrive at Glasgow Central Station and head to brunch at the Riverhill Restaurant & Bar. It’s great for a traditional Scottish breakfast, but also has vegetarian/vegan options.

After you’ve had your fill, head towards the Glasgow Wake Park. When we went, the guys there were so welcoming and taught us how to carve, do some 180s, and even ollies! Although I’ve done wake boarding before, I never had the guts to get air, especially behind a boat. Getting pulled by a cable and encouragement from the coaches was less intimidating and less painful if you were to crash into the water, so I felt much more confident, despite many failed attempts at doing 180 jumps.

A group practising their rafting skills at the park!

Spend the day riding, and once you’re knackered, make your way to one of the best restaurants in Glasgow, the Two Fat Ladies City Centre (for vegans, check out 13th Note). Two Fat Ladies is famous for their fresh seafood dishes, so be sure to indulge!

Additional Info:

  • Booking:
    • Hotels/Hostels: Depending on your budget, there are a copious amount of hotels, B&Bs and hostels in Glasgow; it all depends on your preferences!
    • Glasgow Wake Park: One 15 minute set in water→ £15 students/ £20 adults, includes coaching and board hire. £2 for wetsuit hire. Advance booking required.
    • Riverhill Restaurant & Bar: ££ (moderate)
    • Two Fat Ladies: £££ (pricey)
  • Transport:
    • Nearest train station: Glasgow Central Station, Queen Street Station
    • Walking: All areas listed for Day 1 are within a 30-45 minute walking distance radius
    • Subway: To get to the Wake Park, hop to the nearest subway station in the city centre (either St. Enoch or Buchanan Street station) and take it to Cowcaddens. From there, it’s a 5 minute walk up towards the flowers under the M8 motorway, along the length of the basin and crossover to the A879.

Day 2

Glasgow isn’t without its rainy days. Rain or shine, get yourself over to Tribeca for an epic American-style brunch. From Tribeca, take the bus to Intu Braehead’s Soar, the ultimate indoor activity centre. Spend the day ice climbing, rock climbing, playing laser tag, bowling, or even go skiing in Scotland’s only real indoor slopes! Our personal favourite activities have been the ski slopes; it was a great way for Angus to learn to snowboard and for me to learn how to ski! 
After your muscles and mind are wired from all the sports you’ve just completed, take the bus back towards Mother India Cafe, our all-time favourite restaurant with tapas-style Indian food. Mother India Cafe is located in front of the Kelvingrove Museum, so don’t mistake it for the other two Mother India also located nearby! Grab dessert at Big Licks, then go for some live music and Scotch whisky at one of three infamous Scottish bars, the Park Bar, Islay Inn or Ben Nevis.

>Beautiful countryside.

If you think the outside of the Kelvingrove Museum looks awesome, wait until you go inside!

Additional Info:

  • Booking:
    • Intu Braehead Soar: price varies depending on activity, £18-23 for ski lift passes, £30 ice climbing, £14 rock climbing. Please check website for more information on activities and pricing. Advanced booking is not required, but encouraged and may be cheaper.
    • Tribeca: £-££ (cheap/moderate)
    • Mother India Cafe: ££
    • Park Bar, Islay Inn, Ben Nevis bars: £-££
  • Transport:
    • Bus: From Tribeca, take First Group’s service 77 across from Two Fat Ladies Restaurant West End, stopping outside of Soar. From Soar, take service 77 back to head to Mother India.

Day 3

On your last day, hire one of the Next Bike cycles at their many bike racks in Glasgow. Cycle throughout the west end, have a picnic at Kelvingrove Park, check out the Hogwarts-like buildings at the University of Glasgow, munch at one of many restaurants in Ashton Lane, and enjoy the beauty of the free Kelvingrove Museum.

Cycle your way South to the Clyde River for more adventures! If you have time, check out the Transport Museum, the Science Centre, and the People’s Palace & Winter Garden at Glasgow Green. You’ll have an action packed day of cycling, all the while saving time, money and shaving off some calories. If you managed to fit all that within the day, then drop off your bike at any of the Next Bike bike racks nearby Central Station to make your way home, adventure and wanderlust craving satisfied from your 3 days in Glasgow.

Glasgow Science Centre

The beautiful view of the Finneston crane along the Clyde River

Additional Info:

  • Transport:
    • Next Bike Cycle Hire: £1 per 30 minutes, £10 for 5-24 hours. Advanced booking not required.
  • Last train station:
    • Glasgow Central Station