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York Castle

Along with the customary and popular Jorvik Viking Centre, have you considered visiting the indoor excavation pits? Filled with replica Roman, Viking, Mediaeval and Victorian artefacts, give your kid a trowel and bring out their inner archaeologist.

Just around the corner, right in the heart of the town centre, York Castle stands as a centuries-old testament to the longevity of this great city. The castle keep, known locally as Clifford’s Tower, stands atop a dizzyingly steep earthen embankment that the kids will love climbing as they ‘attack’ the castle.

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The Chocolate Story

The Chocolate Story is another attraction that’s guaranteed to be a hit with visitors of all ages. It combines a museum, virtual chocolate factory, chocolate-making demonstrations and of course, the all important tasting. York’s the home of the Terry’s Chocolate Orange and also the KitKat, so there’ll be plenty of familiar treats to tempt your taste buds.

And if that’s not enough, how about following the Chocolate and Sweet Treasure Trail? Over the course of one and a half miles, you’ll be solving the puzzle of what happened to local chocolatier Lotta Smartys, with the answers hidden on buildings, statues, signs and more. Each correctly solved clue eliminates a suspect until the mystery is unravelled!


The ancient city of York is a perfect place to spend endless hours wandering, losing yourself amongst the winding cobbled streets in the hustle and bustle of the old town. Curious About York offers two downloadable treasure hunt style walks, or if you prefer, simply meander at your own pace.

Make sure you don’t miss the quaint Shambles, a cobbled lane with myriad timber-framed buildings, some of which date from the 14th century. Once known as The Great Flesh Shambles because of its role as a butchers’ street, it’s now the perfect place to shop for a souvenir or some tasty homemade fudge.

York Minster

Close by, York Minster is a huge Gothic cathedral, one of the largest in Europe. This architectural wonder is a magnet for tourists, and it’s easy to see why, as its elaborate stained-glass windows dating back hundreds of years and its cavernous main hall make York Minster an unmissable stop.

National Railway Museum

Another family-pleaser is the National Railway Museum, adjacent to the station. York is the perfect place place to come and learn about a mode of transport that transformed the the world. There’s a lot to see – the museum is home to some truly fantastic pieces such as the elegant 1938 Mallard and a working replica of Stevenson’s Rocket, the first steam-powered locomotive.

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A city for the ages, for ALL ages, York is a place you will want to experience over and over again. Book your mobile tickets now…