Whether you’re a well-travelled foodie in Madrid or merely looking for a delicious lunch, the San Miguel Market is a must. This historic covered market is one of our favourite spots in the Spanish capital. And we’re not alone. Welcoming over ten million visitors every year, Mercado de San Miguel is one of the most popular places in the city.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about visiting this historic Mercado. We’ll start with how to get there, and then we’ll look at some of the best food and drinks you can get your hands on when you’re inside. We’ll walk through San Miguel’s century of history, and finally share opening hours and costs to expect.

Getting to Mercado de San Miguel by train

Getting around Madrid couldn’t be easier. Thanks to the city’s fast and convenient public transport system, which includes buses, trams, metros, and trains, there are lots of ways to travel. We like the metro for its regular services and speedy travel times.

If you’re lucky enough to be based close to San Miguel, make the most of your time in Madrid and walk to the market. Walking around is the best way to see more of the Spanish capital. Don’t forget your camera! You’re sure to run into lots of hidden gems along the way.

Which station is nearest to Mercado de San Miguel?

If you’re opting for public transport, you’ll find lots of convenient stops near the market. San Miguel is in the centre of Los Austrias, a vibrant, bustling area with lots going on. The most straightforward journey will take you to Sol, one of the city’s primary transport stations. You can take metro line 1, 2, or 3 services to get there.

From Sol, it’s just a few minutes’ walk through some of the prettiest streets in Madrid to get to the market. You’ll pass Real Casa de Correos and Plaza Mayor along the way!

The Best Food and Drinks at Mercado de San Miguel

Now let’s get into the good stuff. This is why you’re here. Mercado de San Miguel is home to more than 20 stalls, all keen to show off their high-quality Spanish fare. What you eat will be down to you. Order the entire menu from one favourite spot, or choose bits from several. Be sure to arrive with an empty stomach – you’ll undoubtedly leave feeling full.


First up, Madrí. This is a traditional Spanish spot and one of our favourites in San Miguel. The quality of the products is second to none. Think local beer, mussels, and patatas bravas to soak it all up.


Traditional Asian flavours meet classic Iberian cuisine at Baolé. Never tried a bao bun? This is a great place to start. These sweet, fluffy steamed buns are filled with perfectly prepared meat, fish, and vegetarian flavours. Order a couple for something different in Madrid.

John Barrita Market

The perfect choice for lunch or a light bite, John Barrita Market stall offers enriched bread like brioche and focaccia filled with all manner of ingredients. Try fillings like steak tartare, pastrami, beef tail, and tortilla.

Tacos, Margaritas y Punto

Chef Roberto Ruíz heads up Tacos, Margaritas y Punto. And he’s the first in Europe to earn a Michelin Star for Mexican cuisine, so you know you’re in good hands here. Iberian tacos? Sign us up! The menu respects traditional Mexican flavours, combining the very best local ingredients to create something unique. Add a side of tortilla chips, guacamole, and a margarita, and you’ve got yourself a party.

Crab Crab Crab

Ok, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s on offer here. This corner of the market is dedicated to crab, namely the Russian king variety which comes from the Arctic Ocean. Enjoy a choice of crab tartare and accompanying salads. Whether you like spice, sweetness, or bitter flavours, there’s something for every shellfish-lover here.

Pinkleton & Wine

Enhance your meal with a glass or bottle from Pinkleton & Wine. Enjoy some of the best Spanish wines and the advice of expert sommeliers who make up the team here. Why not pick up a bottle to take home?

Daniel Sorlut

Oysters, oysters, and more oysters! Daniel Sorlut’s delicious – and enormous – oysters boast international recognition. Choose from four varieties, each with a unique flavour and texture, when you visit this stall in Mercado de San Miguel. If you’re feeling really fancy, order some caviar to accompany your oysters. The expert sommelier at Daniel Sorlut selects the best French wine and Champagne to wash it all down.

El Señor Martín

If you’ve come to San Miguel for fish, head straight towards ‘Mr Martin’. This excellent fishmonger works closely with local markets to ensure the best quality seafood for guests. Think monkfish, mussels, razor clams, and types of prawns from all around.

La Hora del Vermut

La Hora del Vermut translates to ‘Vermouth Hour’. And if you’re a fan of this fortified wine, you’ll love it here whatever time you visit. Customers can choose from a variety of Vermouths from different regions across Spain. Order some pickled snacks and other treats to enhance your visit.

Nostra Breed

Carnivores should make a beeline for Nostra Breed, San Miguel Market’s beloved butcher. Whether you’re interested in trying some native Spanish meat or sampling some premium Angus or Waygu, plenty comes out of this open kitchen. Try one of the best burgers around, or keep it light with a selection of pinchos, small traditional tapas that leave lots of room for more.

El 19 de San Miguel

A trip to the food market wouldn’t be complete without sampling some delicious wine. You can do just that at El 19 de San Miguel, where the menu features options from some of the best wineries in Spain. The cellar gets a refresh every three months, so there’s always something new to try. More reason to visit again!


Felixia might be the most colourful stall at San Miguel. Packed with fresh fruit and veggies which arrive daily, there are lots of healthy options when you pick this tempting stall. Dishes fuse Asian and Mediterranean flavours. Choose steaming bowls of goodness or fresh salads; it’s a perfect choice for a light lunch in Madrid.

La Casa del Bacalao

Order cod dishes, tapas, and some of the most delicious canned seafood around from this exciting stall. Whether you like your fish cured, smoked, or tinned, there are plenty of tempting bites to enjoy here.

Casa Lhardy

The Lhardy stand offers homemade, traditional Spanish food of the highest quality. Try the famous scallops, potato tortillas, empanadillas, and much more.


Another excellent quality seafood spot. Everything at San Miguel is perfect, so don’t ask us to choose a favourite. Head to Morris for octopus, scallops, mussels, and plenty more. All prepared with passion and culinary expertise.

Mozzarella Bar

Who doesn’t love mozzarella? This stall is dedicated to the favourite Italian cheese, serving a variety of tapas with the soft stuff always the star of the show.


Where to begin? Arzábal is another of the best spots in San Miguel, offering portions to share, tapas, and pinchos based on seasonality. Add on some wine by the glass, beer, or sangria and enjoy a toast to delicious food!

Carrasco Ibéricos

The Carrasco family has been working with Iberian ham since 1895. Now they even have their own breed of Iberian pig! Visit their stall in Mercado de San Miguel to sample the ham, as well as other cured meats like salami, fuet, sausage, and chorizo.

Arzábal Croquetería

Have you really been to Madrid if you haven’t tried a croqueta? These morsels of breaded, fried potato and other ingredients are simply delicious. At Arzábal Croquetería, you can enjoy them fresh with Iberian ham, cheese, or cod. It’s the ultimate Spanish comfort food.

Paella by Rodrigo de la Calle

If you’re in Madrid searching for paella, look no further! Chef Rodrigo de la Calle, who boasts a Michelin Star, is in charge here. He prepares the most delicious paella dishes around based on traditional recipes.


Pizza lover? We get it. Head straight for Tonda for authentic Italian pies with toppings to suit everyone. A pizza from Tonda is a great way to keep fussy eaters happy while the foodies among you delve into some more traditional fare.

Ahumados Domínguez

Ahumados Domínguez translates as ‘Smoked Domínguez’. Can you guess it? The stall specialises in the production of smoked salmon, serving handmade salmon smoked to a secret recipe! There are lots of things to choose from, from light bites to more substantial sandwiches and other salmon dishes. We recommend tartare for a real taste of the product.


Now, let’s move on to the sweet stuff. Rocambolesc is an artisan ice creamery from three Michelin star chef Jordi Roca. Choose your flavour from the piled-high cabinet, or opt for pastries, chocolates, and other tempting desserts.

Horno de San Onofre

The name translates as ‘San Onofre Oven’, which suits this dessert spot down to the ground. Try cake, bread, pastry, and patisserie when you pop over to this corner of San Miguel Market.

Café Negro

That was a lot of food. Revive yourself with a steaming brew from Café Negro, where skilled baristas pour perfect cups from morning until night.

Mercado de San Miguel History

San Miguel first opened as a food market in 1916, which means it’s more than 100 years old today! You can find this unique spot in the heart of the city, in the Los Austrias area, the historic centre of Madrid.

The architecture of San Miguel Market

As well as over 20 food stalls, piled high with all manner of attractive goodies, the architecture of San Miguel also makes for a visit worthwhile. The main features are the iron pillars which support the structure.

Did you know? The market is one of the finest examples of iron architecture in Madrid.

San Miguel Market Opening Times and Prices

San Miguel Market is a public space, so it’s free and open to wander around at any time. Of course, stalls have set opening times, which means you’ll need to plan a little to get the most out of your visit.

Most of the stalls at the Mercado de San Miguel are open from 10:00 until midnight from Sunday to Thursday. They stay open until the later time of 01:00 at the weekend and on public holidays. That means you’ll have plenty of time to eat and drink at the market during your time in Madrid. Just don’t get there earlier than 10:00 – no early morning tapas here!

How much does it cost to eat at San Miguel Market?

The beauty of this type of food hall is that you can totally personalise your experience. Head there super-hungry and order lots of dishes from multiple stalls. Or arrive feeling peckish, grab some pinchos, and enjoy the market atmosphere without shelling out a fortune.

Dishes at the market vary when it comes to cost. You’re looking between €8 and €20 for a more substantial plate, while smaller bites and tapas may come in a little cheaper. There’s no obligation to buy anything, though. If you’re travelling on a budget, simply swing by and take in the atmosphere without spending a cent.

Whatever the occasion, a trip to Mercado de San Miguel is one you’re sure to remember for many years after.

Taking the train to Madrid

Thanks to the efficient service run by Renfe – Spain’s national train company – it’s easy to reach Madrid by train. High-speed AVE trains can get you from Barcelona to Madrid in 2h 30m on the fastest services, Valencia to Madrid in 1h 40m and Seville to Madrid in 2h 30m. Trains to Madrid arrive into one of the city’s two main stations – Madrid Atocha or Madrid Chamartín; look out for the botanical garden if you arrive into the former!

Want to learn more about travelling by rail in Spain? Read our guide to trains in Spain, your one-stop-shop for all things rail. Our Renfe page also gives you the lowdown on Spain’s national train operator, including how to find the cheapest tickets.