We started our adventure at London St-Pancras where we caught the train to Amsterdam, changing in Brussels. We made sure we were stocked up on magazines to keep Hanna and Mika entertained on the journey. We’d never gone on holiday via train before as a family and it was so much less hassle than the plane, especially with a baby. 

Another thing we all loved about taking the train was the amazing scenery!

Once we got to Amsterdam we checked into our hotel and had a relaxing evening, as the next morning we were up bright and early. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to walk to Vondelpark where Hanna and Mika enjoyed the swings and we munched on some delicious candyfloss. The kids didn’t fancy going to the Rijksmuseum but we managed to catch some live music outside the museum. Later on we went to the NEMO Science Museum – the BEST suggestion from my Instagram followers - where we had so much fun playing with the different machines and contraptions. Definitely the best science museum I’ve ever been to!

Lastly, we rented bikes and rode around a local park which was SO much fun!! Hanna and Mika had a nap in the carriage attached to Sid’s bike while I struggled to keep up the pedalling.

All in all, our trip to Amsterdam was a lovely break away. The train was such a relaxing way to travel and set a calm vibe for the holiday. Next time we travel around Europe, our first choice will probably be to go by train (and maybe next time we go to Amsterdam will be an adult break!).

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