The Campo de’ Fiori, which translates to Field of Flowers, is one of the main squares in Rome. Visit during the day for a lively flower, fruit, and vegetable market. Think sweet floral scents drifting through the air, bright stalls displaying all kinds of treats, and a bustling Italian market atmosphere that’ll have you feeling like a local. Or, head to the Campo de’ Fiori at night, when the bars and restaurants spill out onto terraces, creating a vibe you’ll remember forever.

Before we get to exploring the Campo de’ Fiori, let’s look at getting there.

Getting to the Campo de’ Fiori by train

Getting around Rome couldn’t be easier. The city boasts an excellent public transport system, with lots of trains, Metros, and buses running locals and visitors around every day and night. Depending on where you’re based, you might like to take one of these options to get to the Campo de’ Fiori.

Because Rome’s public transport is owned and run by the same company, you can pick up a ticket or pass and use it for any type of journey. If you’d prefer a pass to cover your whole trip, choose the Roma Pass or a Rome Public Transport Card to last a few days or longer. The most popular type of ticket is a 100 minutes option. These do what they say on the tin, covering you for 100 minutes of travel from the first validation. This should be enough to get you wherever you’re going in the city.

Which station is nearest to the Campo de’ Fiori?

The nearest train station to the Campo de’ Fiori is called Roma Trastevere, which is just eight minutes’ walk away. This is a major station, so you can take the train here from most others. If you want to hop on a bus instead, the nearest bus stop is Vittorio Emanuele/Navona, which is just a three-minute walk away. For the tram, get off at Arenula/Cairoli from either line A or B.

What to see at the Campo de’ Fiori

The Campo de’ Fiori market runs from Monday morning to Saturday, with a day off on Sunday. The area is historically significant, which we’ll explore a little later, not to mention being a beautiful and atmospheric destination for shoppers and tourists alike.

The stalls at Campo de’ Fiori

Starting early in the morning, the Campo de’ Fiori boasts an exciting selection of fruit and vegetables, as well as some beautiful flower market stalls. We recommend you head there early and pick up breakfast. Grab some delicious Italian peaches, apples, pears, or something else and snack as you wander around. There’s no better way to enjoy a market!

As well as fruit and vegetables, you’ll find lots of other food stalls to pick up a treat. From freshly baked bread to pizzas and more, there’s something for everyone at the Campo de’ Fiori. Why not try some delicious Italian olive oil? There are lots of independent makers selling their homemade preserves, sauces, and sweet treats too, so you might like to grab a unique gift for someone back home.

The Statue of Giordano Bruno

The square is home to a brass statue of Giordano Bruno, a 16th-century friar and philosopher with a fascinating story. Bruno had big ideas. Despite being a member of the Catholic order, he came to believe that the universe as infinite, with multiple worlds, all overseen by the same God. The philosopher also championed the Copernican heliocentric idea of the earth orbiting the sun. The church branded Bruno as a heretic, and he was sent to trial that lasted seven years.

In 1600, Bruno’s trial came to an end. He was led to the Campo de’ Fiori and burnt at the stake, his ashes then scattered in the River Tiber. The statue dedicated to Giordano Bruno, which shows the robed martyr facing the Vatican, was erected in the square in 1889. Although the Vatican has apologised for prosecuting some early scientific thinkers like Galileo, they still refuse to remove Bruno’s label or heretic. A unique story to remember while you’re milling about the Campo de’ Fiori.

Campo de’ Fiori at night

After dark, the Campo de’ Fiori market stalls are packed away, and the square turns into an atmospheric meeting place for locals and tourists alike. It’s one of the best meeting spots in Rome thanks to its many excellent bars and restaurants, with extensive terraces overflowing into the square. Whether you head there for dinner or a late-night cocktail, you’re sure to remember your evening here for many years to come.

Opening Times and Prices

If you want to catch the market at the Campo de’ Fiori, head there Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 14:00. You can either fly around the market or spend an hour or two, browsing the beautiful stalls at leisure.

The Campo de’ Fiori is a public square, which means it’s totally free to visit. Head there for a mooch and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this significant Roman spot. Of course, you might like to spend a little on some local produce or gifts. We say, why not? If you’re heading to the square at night, you can find delicious food and tempting drinks in many restaurants and bars. This is a locals’ favourite part of Rome, so the prices are reasonable, unlike in lots of the more central areas.

Whatever way you visit the Campo de’ Fiori, we’re sure you’ll create memories to last. It’s an ideal spot to swing by with kids and older relatives during the day, while the lively evening atmosphere makes it a great choice if you’re travelling with friends or a partner.

Campo de’ Fiori History and Facts

Despite its bustling atmosphere today, travel back 400 years and the Campo de’ Fiori was a vastly different picture. The name Campo de’ Fiori translates to Field of Flowers, but this has nothing to do with the florists’ stalls that occupy the square today. Instead, it dates back to the Middle Ages, when the square was nothing more than a wild meadow.

Because of its proximity to the flood-prone River Tiber, the entire area around the Campo de’ Fiori went undeveloped for centuries. In 1456, Pope Callixtus III organised a public project to develop the area. And so the Campo de’ Fiori was born. Soon, the square was a Roman favourite for socialising, trade, and commerce, and lots of inns, restaurants, and workshops started to spring up.

The Campo de’ Fiori street names

The streets around the Campo de’ Fiori were named after different trades. Explore the Via dei Balestari, Via dei Giubbonari, and Arco degli Acetari, which translate to crossbow-makers street, tailors street, and vinegar-makers arch. The latter remains close to its original condition, so you can get a taste for what the area would have been like in its early days.

Restaurants, bars, and shops near the Campo de’ Fiori

The Campo de’ Fiori is beloved by Romans and visitors for its many restaurant and bars. These spots make the square come alive at night, and there’s something to suit everyone. Whether you visit for lunch, dinner, or a late-night refreshment, we’re sure you won’t regret heading to this buzzy spot. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to eat and drink near the Campo de’ Fiori.

The best restaurants near the Campo de’ Fiori

Ai Balestrari Campo de Fiori

This beautiful traditional Italian spot serves delicious, comforting food among a great atmosphere. Chequered tablecloths and exposed brick set the scene while bottles of Italian wine embellish the walls. You know you’re in Rome when you eat here. Order a bowl of indulgent pasta or a perfect pizza for a perfect lunch or dinner.

Trattoria Der Pallaro

This is another typical Roman spot with a warming atmosphere and expertly-prepared food. Whether you visit for lunch or dinner, you’ll be served dishes from the menu of the day. Appetisers include local cold cuts, fettuccine, or carbonara. Main courses consist of indulgent meat dishes, while deserts are all homemade from tried-and-tested family recipes. This spot is ideal for a memorable meal and a traditional Roman experience.

Il SanLorenzo

This swishy Mediterranean restaurant boasts an exciting seafood menu. At the same time, there are options to suit every taste among the seasonal selection. Il SanLorenzo occupies a historic building, contrasted by contemporary art which adorns the walls. This spot is good enough to have made the Michelin Guide, so you know you’re in for a treat when you visit.

Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina

Open for both lunch and dinner, Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina is a deli-restaurant where great local produce takes front and centre. Head here for lunch or dinner and enjoy a choice from over 300 cheeses, 200 varieties of cured meats, and a great selection of oil, vinegar, preserves, honey, spices, biscuits, and sweets. Not to mention the wine cellar, which boasts over 2,800 labels from Italy and the world. This is one of our favourite spots for its authenticity and unbeatable quality.jjjj

The best bars near the Campo de’ Fiori

The square is known for its lively evening atmosphere, so why not head here after dark for an unforgettable taste of Rome? There are lots of excellent spots to discover. Whether you’re looking for a laidback wine bar or a swanky cocktail joint, you’re sure to find something that suits. Here are some of our favourite bars in the area to get you started.

Verso Sera

This cosy traditional wine bar also serves excellent food, making it an ideal choice for an early evening bottle or two. Verso Sera is more or less on the Campo de’ Fiori and boasts a lovely outside terrace, which means it’s easy to feel like a local here.

L’Angolo Divino Wine Bar Enoteca

Another beautiful Italian wine bar and kitchen, L’Angolo Divino Wine Bar Enoteca is just a two-minute walk from the Campo de’ Fiori. Head here any time of day for an unbeatable glass or bottle. Order a bite to eat while you’re at it to enjoy the full experience.

Cul De Sac

Rome is bursting with spots like this. The traditional, independent wine bar with shelf upon shelf of delicious choice. Choose Cul De Sac, just a few minutes’ walk from the Campo de’ Fiori, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Il Goccetto

This wood-panelled enoteca, or wine shop, is home to around 800 varieties of exceptional Italian and world wines. This tiny spot is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Rome’s historical centre. Head over at any time of day and try to bag yourself a table. If you’re peckish, be sure to order a plate of antipasti to tide you over.

Shopping near Campo de’ Fiori

If you’re looking to spend a little during your visit to Campo de’ Fiori, you’re in luck! Whether you’d like to pick up something for yourself or a special gift for someone back home, the variety of stalls include something for everyone. Unique local produce includes plenty of preserves and bottles that you can take away, from olive oil and balsamic vinegar to homemade jams, honey, and candied fruits.

At the same time, handmade crafts and souvenirs are also available in abundance. Browse the market and see what you can find. There are lots more great shops in the streets surrounding the Campo de’ Fiori, so explore a little further and discover lots of treasures.

Travelling to Rome by train

Italy is blessed with a fantastic high-speed railway network, making it easy to travel to Rome by train. Roma Termini is the main railway station in the capital and it's served by several speedy services, including Trenitalia's Frecciarossa ("Red Arrow") services and Italo trains. Thanks to high-speed trains, you can get from Florence or Naples to Rome in under 1h 20m, Milan to Rome in 3h 10m and Venice to Rome in 3h 26m.

And if you're travelling onwards from Rome, why not continue by train? The capital has links to Venice, Florence, Milan, Verona and Genoa - to name but a few places you can reach by rail! So why not hop on a train and say arrivederci to Rome!