To make the most of my trip to Milan, I decided to finally make one of my most-requested YouTube videos – styling a subscriber. It gave me the chance to get to know my viewers who live in Italy and to experience shopping in Milan.

The journey was a smooth process, it began from a few clicks (or taps I should say) via the Trainline app and my tickets from Rome to Milan were booked. Once I arrived at the airport in Rome, we took a train connecting the airport to the city centre, from there we boarded another train that took us to Milan in three hours. 

Being able to work and edit on the laptop whilst taking in the beautiful Italian landscape was a blessing … being served coffee and the finest biscotti was a bonus.

I met the subscriber I was going to style – Emanuele (@emanuelecantamesse) – a day after we got to Milan. Over a hundred people applied to be styled and we managed to trickle them down to our top three. Emanuele was the one that ticked all the boxes and was available to join us on our adventure.

Emanuele, my brother and I couldn’t wait to start shopping. The first store we hit was Slam Jam Milano, known for representing urban subcultures through fashion. We figured we’d hit the furthest store from home and work our way down the city before getting back home. It was beautifully curated with clothing ranging from ‘high-end/designer’ items to streetwear pieces.

If you follow my channel, you know I’m a huge advocate of vintage fashion – I love the idea of garments having a story prior to it ending up in your wardrobe, it’s also a sustainable way to shop, so Cavalli E Nastri Vintage store was an absolute must. The selection ranged from 1920s morning coats to early 1980s tailoring and everything in between – vintage military surplus, beat-up leather jackets and some beautiful vintage designer pieces (like the Yohji Yamamoto trousers we found).

Last store we hit up was Antonioli, known more popularly for its online space within the men’s fashion world. It was interesting to finally see their retail space and the stories they told via their curation. The selection was a lot more designer-oriented, with prices ranging from €100 to €5,000. By this point, we only needed to buy a top to finalise one of the outfits and we came across some beautiful options.  

You can see Emanuele’s final three looks in my video above – I think we kept a tasteful balance of both his style and mine. My trip to Milan definitely didn’t disappoint and I came back with lots of pieces for myself, as well as leaving a very happy Emanuele in Italy. I’m sure I’ll travel back to Milan – probably during Fashion Week. I highly recommended a visit and the train journey let us see much more of Italy.

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