Art, culture, history… Does anywhere do it quite like Italy? From ancient Roman remains to magnificent Catholic relics, Italy has been shaped by civilisations, religions and artistic movements that have made it home to some of the most famous artists and historical figures in history.

These days, you can explore its important past, and revel in all its modernity wherever you go. It's hard to pick just one place to visit, that's where we come in. Our website and app offer tickets from major European train and bus carriers, making it easy for you to compare prices and times to find the best deal. 


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When it comes to Milan’s creativity, most people’s minds will wander to images of catwalks rather than galleries, which is odd, being that it's home to one of the world’s most famous and most talked-about paintings in history. If you’re looking for something more Renaissance than Runway, then you’ll find Da Vinci’s The Last Supper hanging in the refectory of the monastery next to the Santa Maria delle Grazie church.

This city is also littered with world-class contemporary galleries, such as Studio Guenzani, that's showcased some of the best modern artists and photographers from around the world since opening in 1987.


Take a train to the heart of Verona, the journey from Milan is just over an hour. Verona was the famous setting of Romeo and Juliet, as well as another of his plays, The Two Gentlemen of Verona. 

If you fancy trying your own rendition of "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" on the legendary balcony, head to the Casa di Giulietta. The house of the Capulet family dates back to around 1300 and has been restored to what it would have looked like.

Once you've had your fill of the Bard-inspired attractions, museums like Museo de Castelvecchio and Galleria d’Arte Mercato should top your list for old and modern art.

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Venice might be known for its waterways, but with two train stations to choose from, arriving in Venice by train is a popular choice. Trains to Venice run from Florence in just two hours, Milan in 2h 25m, and Rome in 3h 45m.

Trainline tip: We'd recommend getting the train to Santa Lucia, as this station is on the island, rather than which is on the mainland.

If you need a break from art, why not stop by the Museo della Musica, a free museum, where you can learn about Venice’s most famous composer, Vivaldi, along with enjoying other musical and instrumental exhibits.


As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is arguably one of the most cultural areas of Italy. Jump on a train from Venice, and you'll be there in under two hours. There's no need to bring a book or magazine for the journey, the scenic views will keep you occupied. Watch our latest advert for Trainline Europe - it weaves together some of Europe's prettiest views from a train, so you'll know the sort of thing to expect.

Trainline tip: Florence station is the end of the line, so you'll find a greater choice of train departures by selecting trains arriving at the nearby and then taking a bus or taxi to the centre.

Once in Florence, the Uffizi Gallery is a must, being home to some of the most important paintings of the Renaissance period from artists like Botticelli and Da Vinci.

Then of course, you can travel to the Galleria dell’ Accademia, home to Michelangelo’s David, the 17-foot marble sculpture. For both these galleries, it’s recommended to book in advance and give yourself plenty of time to take in their world-famous art.


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Where better to end your Italian cultural experience than in the capital? A speedy train from Florence will whisk you south in under an hour and a half. Whether your interests are BC or AD, Rome has got you covered. Those with a penchant for the ancient civilisations should visit Museo della Civilta Romana. You can play at being a giant as you walk around model-size versions of ancient Rome. There's even the carvings of Trajan's column. 

For more classical art, we'd recommend the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme's vast collection. 

Time your trip for the last Sunday of the month, and you could get into the Vatican Museums for free. Meander through the corridors towards the Sistine Chapel and gaze in awe and Michelangelo’s masterpiece. And, if you're desperate to get back to the 21st century, the Maxxi, designed by famed architect Zaha Hadid, has an exterior that is just as impressive as the modern art collections within.

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