Where is Oktoberfest in Munich?

Munich's Oktoberfest takes place at the Theresienwiese, a large open space found just to the south of Munich’s main train station – Munich Hbf. When Oktoberfest time comes around, the Theresienwiese transforms into a sea of beer tents, food tents and attractions, including funfair rides (excessive amounts of beer followed by rollercoasters not advisable).


When is Oktoberfest in Munich?

Despite being quite clearly called Oktoberfest, the event starts on Saturday the 21st of September. If you’re thinking “Why does Oktoberfest start in September?!” the simple answer is that the festival grew so popular over the years that it was moved back to start in September to allow festival-goers to enjoy nicer weather while getting their drink on.

How to get to Oktoberfest

As the roads into Munich are often jam-packed during Oktoberfest (mainly Germans driving in from elsewhere), we’d recommend avoiding the car or the coach on this occasion and opting for the train instead. That is, of course, if you want to avoid flying to Germany.

If you can’t avoid a flight to Germany and you’ll be landing at Munich Airport, then the best bet is to take a train from Munich Airport to Munich Hbf, which will place you right in the heart of the city, and less than 15 minutes’ walk away from the Theresienwiese and Oktoberfest. To get there on foot, follow the signs or your smartphone map, or even just the hundreds of people dressed head to toe in Bavarian-style clothing – you can’t go wrong!

Ready for those interesting facts about Oktoberfest? Here we go!

Oktoberfest’s origin


So, just how did Oktoberfest come about? Oktoberfest was founded in 1810, to celebrate the wedding of Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen. They invited all citizens of Munich to celebrate with them together. The festival took place on a meadow, which has since been called "Theresienwiese" in honour of the bride. The event has only been called off 24 times since its’ first occurrence.

Oktoberfest around the world

From Asia to South America, there are numerous versions of Oktoberfest held around the world. It’s not surprising after all since a lot of us love beer. But did you know that the next biggest Oktoberfest is held annually in Kitchener, Canada?

Oktoberfest beer and prices

Oktoberfest beer is specially brewed to be way, way stronger than regular beer, getting as high as the low teens in fact with some clocking in at 13.5%! With that being said, if you’re not used to the strong beer, you’ll want to take it very slowly.

 One of the main topics of conversation at each Oktoberfest is the price of a litre of beer. In 2002, the beer cost only €6.40. This year they start at €10.80. A quick tip – Don’t take these mugs with you! They remain the property of the Oktoberfest landlords. You can, however, buy a one-litre beer mug at one of the many souvenir stalls dotted around.

Puke-proof sneakers

Having acknowledged that consuming beer in large quantities may result in chunder, Adidas released some vomit-proof shoes in 2017 specifically for Oktoberfest. We think they’re pretty cool, but perhaps some classic wellies would do the same job for a fraction of the price?

Well if none of that has convinced you to check out the original Oktoberfest, then we don’t know what will! If you’re travelling this year, make sure to check for cheap train and coach tickets with us – just make sure not to overdo it on the beer!