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Trainline Presents Festival Bingo


The festival season is on its way, so prepare yourself for the sights and sounds of summer with trainline’s very own Festival Bingo. Add up your points, 40 is BINGO!!

The Fancy Dress Fancier (3 Points)

Usually spotted dancing like a mad thing while dressed in a unicorn onesie in a cloud of glitter. The fancy dress lover is all about letting go and soaking up the anything can happen vibe.


The Promo Ninja (3 Points)

The Promo Ninja looks like the fancy dress lover, but when you join their jam-sesh they produce a leaflet and direct you to their stand… +5 points if you’ve been caught in the spell of the Promo Ninja.


The New Kid on the Block (3 Points)

Born in 1999 these festival newbs are kitted out in full – brand new – festival attire, they know not the muddy haven that awaits beyond the station shuttle. +5 points if you’ve helped welcome the New Kid on the block.


The Sky Dancer (6 Points)

Clapping, tapping and bopping out of time to every tune this double left footer is the unintentional protagonist of many a mosh pit. Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, don’t blame it on the good times, blame it on this guy.


The Flag Flyer (3 Points)

Like a Viking clan voyaging across a sea of tents, this squad sail forth, unfathomed by the thousand matching canvases. They follow the call of their giant flag and find their tent like the pros they are.


The Jive Bunnies (6 Points)

Hand in hand, fresh from the golden age of Hollywood these partying partners can be seen flip, flop and flying around the stages. +5 Points if you’ve ever been invited to the dance.


The Seasoned Hippy (10 Points)

They’ve been hitting the festival scene since before you were born, and they know how to rock; with wristbands up to their elbows they have a few campfire stories to share. +5 points if you have more than 4 festival bands.


The Crowd Surfer (3 Points)

Throwing caution to the wind these music-loving daredevils surf across the crowd with effortless cool. You may spot them like the sun on the horizon, or they may unexpectedly land on your head…


The Burger Boss (3 Points)

Living on a diet of pure fast food the Burger Boss can be found buried amidst a selection of fast food cartons, surfacing burger in hand and ready to rejoin the queue for a weekend of king-sized fast food feasting.


The Mega Fan (3 Points)

These self-confessed groupies follow their band like a cult, they know every drum solo and guitar riff. You’ll find them at the front, climbing on stage and sharing the mic with their idols. +5 Points if you are a mega fan

To learn more about mobile ticketing visit here. Mobile ticketing available on selected routes to UK Festivals, including Glastonbury via the Trainline app.


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