Planning on taking trains in Austria? Use our website or app to buy tickets for ÖBB, Austria’s national railway system. ÖBB stands for “Austrian Federal Railways” - OEBB in English.

Here you’ll find details on ÖBB ticket types, discount cards and train types. We’ve also included helpful information on popular routes, timetables and rules for travelling with children and pets.

We've also got information on other train companies operating in Austria, including Westbahn, Deutsche Bahn and Trenitalia.

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ÖBB ticket types and pricing

The ÖBB price system takes a bit of understanding, so read carefully!

Standard Tickets give you the choice of taking any type of train mentioned below, except for the Nightjet. For most routes, tickets can be booked up to six months ahead of the travel date.

ÖBB train types

ÖBB runs a huge range of train types - from overnight sleeper trains to high-speed cross-border services and regional trains.


Railjet is ÖBB’s high-speed train. It operates at speeds of up to 230 km/h on routes such as Vienna - Munich, Vienna - Innsbruck and Prague - Graz.

As well as linking Austrian cities, Railjet runs into neighbouring countries like Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland and Italy.

Tickets for Railjet are available in three classes:

Economy Class - offers comforts such as free Wi-Fi and a plug socket.

First Class - offers more leg room and newspaper service. You can also have food and drink from the onboard restaurant served at-seat.

Business Class – offers extra luxuries like leather seats and reading lights. Seats are divided into compartments which afford extra privacy while travelling. Upgrade from First Class tickets to Business Class for an additional €15.

Find out more about Railjet trains and ÖBB First Class train travel.


Nightjet is ÖBB’s night train. It travels overnight through Austria and into neighbouring Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Nightjet also runs to Eastern European destinations such as Poland and Croatia.

Nightjet offers three different ticket options:

Seated carriage – the cheapest way to take the Nightjet. You’ll share six-seater carriages with other travellers - seats are upright. The carriages contain a couple of plug sockets and a small table.

Couchette – available as 4-berth or 6-berth cabins. Upright seats convert into single beds with a blanket, sheet and pillow included. Ideal for families or groups. Couchette tickets also include a “Viennese Breakfast” and bottled water free of charge. ÖBB offers women’s compartments and wheelchair accessible compartments on request.

Sleeper cabin – the most luxurious way to travel in the Nightjet. Choose between a standard or deluxe cabin in single, double or triple sizes. Standard cabins come with a washbasin, while deluxe cabins come with a full basin and bathroom. You’ll be welcomed into a sleeper cabin with a freshly made bed, a welcome bag and drink as well as an a-la-carte breakfast.

Find out more about Nightjet trains.

Regional services

ÖBB runs six different services for trains within Austria:

Cityjet – a highly comfortable regional service. Cityjet trains boast seats designed according to insights gained from a survey of Austrian passengers. Seats have ergonomic headrests, reading lamps, plug sockets and fold-out laptop tables. Standard Class tickets only.

Talent – modern service running within Austria and into Hungary. Includes 20 bike spaces. Standard Class tickets only.

Desiro – operates on regional services in four of Austria’s nine states – Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria and Carinthia. Includes 10 bike spaces. Standard Class tickets only.

Bi-level push-pull train (DOSTO) - primarily serves eastern areas around Vienna, Vorarlberg and Carinthia. Standard Class tickets only.

Electric railcar 4020 – runs on the S-Bahn suburban rail network in greater Vienna. It also runs on the historic Semmeringbahn mountain railway. Standard Class tickets only.

Cross-border services


InterCity trains are part of ÖBB’s cross-border, high-speed fleet. Travellers can opt for Standard Class or First-Class tickets. There is no onboard restaurant on the InterCity service. ÖBB caters for several special requirements with dedicated female-only compartments for women travelling alone, a breastfeeding compartment and a compartment for toddlers.

Intercity-Express (ICE)

The Intercity-Express connects Austria and Germany via a network of routes running through Passau, a German border city. It rivals the Nightjet for speed, hitting top speeds of 230km/h. Travellers can choose between first class and Standard Class tickets. Plug sockets are available for all seats while reading lamps are only available in first class. Special compartments are reserved for parents with children of up to three years of age.

EuroCity (EC)

The EuroCity is similar to the InterCity service, connecting Austria with neighbouring European countries. Trains run between major European cities in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Poland. You can opt for Standard Class or First-Class tickets. Like the InterCity, special compartments are available for women travelling alone, women breastfeeding and toddlers. An onboard restaurant is also available.

Find out more about EuroCity trains.

Discounts and savings: the ÖBB Vorteilscard

The ÖBB Vorteilscard is a railcard which grants discounts on ÖBB tickets within Austria and neighbouring countries for one year.

You can save up to 50% on standard single tickets within Austria, 15% on cross-border travel and up to 50% on most private railways. When travelling with your Vorteilscard, you must have photo identification with you for the card to be valid.

ÖBB offers a range of Vorteilscards -

Railcard typePrice and requirements
Vorteilscard 66€66. Available for all travellers aged 26-63. This must be purchased online from ÖBB.
Vorteilscard Classic€99. Available from all ÖBB ticket counters.
Vorteilscard Jugend€19. Available for all travellers under the age of 26.
Vorteilscard Family€19. Ideal for a parent travelling with children. Up to four children under the age of 15 can accompany you for free. The children travelling with you must be specified on the ticket.
Vorteilscard Senior€29. Available for all travellers over the age of 65.


Vorteilscards are best suited to travellers intending to stay in Austria for an extended period of time.

Useful information

Travelling with children

Children travel on ÖBB trains for free until one day before their 6th birthday. Please note, that children travelling for free on night trains will not have their own bed. If you'd like to reserve a bed, you'll need to book a Child ticket. Children up to the age of 14 pay half the standard price, and from 15, the full ticket price is due.


WiFi is free on ÖBB trains. Those logging in on the train also receive access to the ÖBB online service and entertainment, including live travel updates, access to newspapers and magazines, and the ORF TVthek and fidelio, a platform for classical music.  


ÖBB trains are bike friendly. Bicycles can be taken on most trains – both local and long distance.

For journeys within Austria, you’ll have to purchase a separate ticket for your bicycle, allowing you to stow it in a bicycle mount. This will cost 10% of the full price of a Standard Class ticket for the route. Bicycle spots are limited so you’re best served to book the bike ticket early.

Local transport services such as Vienna’s S-Bahn do not have reserved spaces for bicycles. However, you’re welcome to bring your bike on board provided the service is not too busy.

For cross-border routes you’ll have to purchase a Biking International Ticket for €12.

Travelling with pets

Small animals can travel for free on all services, provided they’re in a transport container. For larger dogs, an extra ticket must be booked. Tickets cost two euros on distances up to 98km - for longer trips, it’s 10% of the standard ticket price for that route.

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