Kapow! We’ve used our data to turn your phone into a price-predicting superhero. Did you ever wonder how long you have before the price of the ticket you’re searching for will rise? Our Price Prediction forecast will let you peek into the future and see ticket price points and when they are likely to sell out. Super.

We recommend that you book an Advance ticket early and don’t delay purchasing until the day of travel. Almost all of the time, ticket prices will rise in the days before travel so delaying your purchasing can be costly.

How does price prediction work?

Most train operators release Advance purchase tickets 12 weeks before the date of travel. Once the Advance tickets for your journey have been released the price of the ticket will gradually go up in price right up until the day of travel. These gradual increases are called price tiers which are set well in advance by train operators and almost all of the time prices go up.

Price prediction tells you when a ticket is likely to go up in price and by how much, based on billions of data points.

Where does this come from? It comes from you the customer, when you search for train journeys to go on. Our data scientists have worked round the clock to build sophisticated models using historical pricing trends from these searches, as well as using algorithms and mathematical models, so that we can predict future prices. Of course, as these are predictions using historical trends we cannot guarantee they are correct 100% of the time. But never fear, our scientists are working behind the scenes to constantly improve our algorithms and give you reliable price predictions. We do this by using the latest machine learning techniques which are applied to yield more accurate future predictions. And you can help too. The more journey searches you make, the more accurate the predictions will become. So, get searching!