WESTbahn is a young Austrian railway operator that since 2011 connects Vienna to Salzburg via Linz. Among the European train operators available on Trainline, what most characterizes WESTbahn are undoubtedly the low prices and the flexibility of the tickets.

WESTbahn map

With the same simplicity with which you can buy train tickets to travel in Italy, Trainline offers you the opportunity to move comfortably even on the Austrian railway network.

Hop on a WESTbahn train in Austria and enjoy quick travel times on the following routes -

  • Travel from Vienna to Salzburg in 2h 
  • Travel from Vienna to Linz in 1h 19m
  • Travel from Linz to Salzburg in 1h 4m

Westbahn routes


Westbahn trains

The trains used by Westbahn are modern and comfortable with well-kept interiors. They reach a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

EuroNight - Night trains travelling on cross-border routes between Austria and neighbouring countries. Travellers can choose the travel solution they prefer, including comfortable seats and comfortable bunks. Not bad travelling by train, saving the cost of the hotel. Germany, Switzerland and Italy, but also Poland and Croatia: here are the destinations that can be reached on board the Nightjet.  EuroNight trains from Italy can reach Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Villach and Klagenfurt from Rome, Livorno, Pisa, Bologna, Venice, Milan, Verona, Venice and Udine. From Livorno, Verona and Vienna there is also the possibility to bring your own car with you thanks to the car trains in tow.

The bunks normally have four or six seats each, and breakfast is included in the price. Some are even individual, double or triple: it is possible to book only one seat here, thus sharing the bunk with other passengers. Bunkers for women only, dedicated to hosting an entire family or reserved for wheelchair users are provided on board. Deluxe bunks, equipped with more comfort, including private bathroom with shower, can finally be met on Nightjet trains. For both Deluxe and Standard bunks, the offer includes towels and bath products, welcome drinks, daily service, alarm clock and breakfast.

Regional and S-Bahn - The types of trains used by ÖBB are different here, including the ultra-modern Cityjet. Comfortable seats, folding tables, courtesy lights, power outlets for every seat, screens with travel information, air conditioning and reserved seats for bicycles are the services on board these trains that reach a top speed of 160 km / h. Tickets are only available in second class here.

Intercity-Bus (ICB) - These are the two-storey interurban buses with first and second class travel on the Graz-Klagenfurt and Klagenfurt-Venice routes. From Italy, the Intercity Bus departs from Venice and Udine with destination Villach, Klagenfurt and Vienna. Air conditioning and toilets are present on board. Purchasing a First Class ticket, a newspaper, two drinks and places with power outlets are available to travellers. By purchasing a second class ticket, the same services require the payment of a supplement of 3 euros.

Prices and Rates

Westbahn train tickets, unlike ÖBB tickets, are valid for 12 months and can be used on any train on any day. The available rates are as follows:

West standard - the standard fare for all WESTbahn trains. Tickets can be purchased online on Trainline at no additional cost.

West risparmio - this rate applies to various promotional offers. If promotional rates are available, you will see them at the time of booking on the Trainline website or app.

Trafik-Aktiv - Offer for travellers aged 60 and over, valid from Monday to Thursday on any train. The fares vary depending on the route.

Tariffa gruppi - It is an offer for those travelling in a group of at least 6 people and allows you to book nearby seats at no additional cost. If at least half of the group (from 6 people upwards) is under 20 years of age, a 50% discount will be applied to the standard WEST price.

Tariffa studenti - 10% discount for students enrolled at a university showing the university card to the controller.

Westbahn PLUS - Premium offer (equivalent to 1st class) which, in addition to the standard WEST services, includes larger armchairs, free Wi-Fi, free daily newspaper and snacks and drinks served on the spot. Please note that Interrail pass holders can upgrade to the WESTbahn PLUS category by paying a fee directly to the controller on board the train.

On board services


It is possible to bring small animals and small dogs for free on all WESTbahn trains. Medium and large dogs must be leashed and muzzled and a supplement of €1 per animal must be paid regardless of the distance travelled.


Children under the age of 6 travel free on all Westbahn trains. Children up to 14 years can enjoy a 50% discount on the Standard ticket price. Above 15 years of age, the ticket price is full.



Some Westbahn trains have free WiFi.


To transport your bike on the WESTbahn trains you must reserve an online bike seat for €5 up to two hours before the train departs.


On the Westbahn trains, there are no limits on the number of baggage allowed and the size of the baggage.

Catering service

Each Westbahn train has a restaurant carriage called WESTcafés where you can find comfortable armchairs, a vending machine for hot and cold drinks, a snack bar / vending machine with fresh snacks.

Popular routes

Viena to Salzburg

The Westbahn trains cover the 250 km separating Vienna from Salzburg in 2 hours and 28 minutes with 17 daily trains.

Trains depart from Vienna at the Westbahnhof station from Vienna and arrive at Salzburg Hbf station. The first train of the day leaves Vienna at 05:20 and the last one at 20:56. In the opposite direction, on the other hand, the first train leaving Vienna from Salzburg leaves at 3:45, and the last one at 22:30.


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