FlixTrain is part of FlixMobility, the company whose FlixBus brand is now the largest coach company in Germany. Since 2018, FlixMobility has also offered the option of travelling by train in addition to its bus fleet. From March, the FlixTrain rolls between Hamburg and Cologne as well as Stuttgart and Berlin via rail. On the way, the train stops in cities like Düsseldorf, Münster and Osnabrück respectively Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Wolfsburg. This is made possible by the cooperation with various private railway providers, which paved the way for the FlixTrain: After FlixMobility took over ticket sales for the Hamburg-Cologne-Express (HKX) in 2017, the company is now working with the Czech railway company Leo Express together to put the route Berlin - Stuttgart back into operation.

The FlixTrain route network

Except for Wednesdays, the FlixTrain runs daily between Hamburg and Cologne and runs just as fast as the ICE.

From April, the train will also be travelling between Stuttgart and Berlin. The FlixTrain is a commuter train, which means there will be one way and one return per day. 

Buy FlixTrain tickets

Trainline has been cooperating with FlixBus for a long time so that the FlixTrain tickets can also be booked through us. If travellers select a travel date and time when a FlixTrain is on the road, this will automatically be reflected in the search results. If you would like to book the train from FlixMobility, you will be redirected to FlixBus for booking. Thus, long-distance buses and trains can be bought in a booking process. If you select a time to which no FlixTrain travels, you can simply select a Deutsche Bahn connection from the search mask. 

Ticket prices start at €9.99 and may increase depending on the day of travel and train occupancy. 

Seat reservation

With FlixTrain, there is a free choice of seats. So it's worth arriving on the train in time for the departure to secure your favourite spot. However, FlixTrain sells only as many tickets as seats are available - one seat is guaranteed. 

Travelling with children

Children under 15 travel for a reduced price. Children up to 10 years of age can only travel in the FlixTrain accompanied by an adult. Children travelling alone between the ages of 10 and 14 need a declaration of consent from a legal guardian and can travel only between 6 am and 10 pm on direct connections within Germany.  

Luggage capacity

Each passenger can carry a piece of luggage and carry-on luggage in the FlixTrain. There are no exact provisions to the dimensions, however, the passenger should be able to load and unload his luggage by hand. Bags and cases can be stored in the luggage racks in the wagon and on the shelf above the seats. If you want to take more luggage, you can book this for two euros.  

Travelling with pets

Pets no bigger than a domestic cat can be taken for free in a transport box. If you want to travel with your dog in the FlixTrain, you can solve a children's ticket. Dogs must be leashed on the train and carry a muzzle. 


Bicycles can be taken along in the FlixTrain for a surcharge of nine euros, provided that it has a standard size and does not weigh more than 25 kilograms.  

On-board Flixtrain facilities

The comfortable seats are equipped with plenty of foot space, a reading lamp in the seat and a luggage rack above the seat. Sockets are available on most trains. If in doubt, ask a train attendant who can point the way to the nearest outlet. There are on-board toilets on all Flixtrain trains.

Like FlixBus, FlixTrain offers free Wi-Fi for all passengers. So you can surf to your heart's content while driving - if you are looking for inspiration for your stay in Hamburg, Cologne or Berlin, then take a look at our travel magazine.

Snacks and drinks are sold on board at a snack bar; this is usually located in one of the middle carriages. 

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